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Zhejiang 90 after the mother cut the liver to save nearly four thousand Internet users love donation surgery – public service channel September 22nd news, the operation was successful, the child will continue to observe in ICU……" Hear the words of the surgeon, a father in Zhejiang Ningbo Yi Dan min leiruyuxia. 20, his wife Ma Yingying and his son, while lying in the operation room Shanghai Renji Hospital. A liver transplant patients with hyperammonemia saved his son’s life, while most of the cost of surgery is unknown from Internet users, just four days time, nearly four thousand Internet users for the family to raise the public nearly 140 thousand yuan surgery. Yi Dan sensitive couple is Ningbo like Shanxi Zhou Zhen Yi home village, the son of Maria Tung, was born in 2014 to make small family more successful. But when the child was born not long, was diagnosed with congenital hyperammonemia, lack of an enzyme that can decompose protein produced in the digestion process of ammonia, resulting in ammonia poisoning. "Any food containing protein is a deadly poison to Maria Tung." I Min said. It is understood that children with congenital hyperammonemia prevalence rate was 1/100000, one case of Ningbo for. In children 27 months of growth, the couple take care, buy high priced foreign protein milk through a variety of ways, but failed to avoid excessive intake of protein for children caused by injury, children has two accident because of excessive intake of protein and dying in the hospital. The doctor said that unless a liver transplant, the child will rely on a low protein diet for life, and once the blood ammonia control is not good, the body will be irreversible damage. Although the disease has the family almost emptied, but the couple decided to accept liver transplantation surgery, Ma PI 90 after the mother don’t want to let the family of the top beam Zhuyi Dan sensitive physical injury to determine their own children for donor liver. "Just a liver transplant operation fee is 200 thousand yuan, plus the follow-up expenses, home savings is an utterly inadequate measure." Ma Yingying said on the bed, we are just holding the attitude to try to raise 150 thousand yuan on the platform to raise the operating costs to help." That Mrs. Ma Yingying did not think of is, in September 18th to raise public posts "90 after the mother cut liver save rare disease" is issued, immediately in the circle of friends scraper, only one day is to raise money to reach 100 thousand yuan. If there is no donation of users, the child has no chance of surgical treatment." Sensitive to the netizen support Iraq Dan very grateful. As at 19:30 on the evening of 21, has received donations to support the 3820 time, has raised the amount of more than 13.7 yuan. Many Internet users not only donations to support the expression, but also a message to encourage. Netizens optimistic about who said, although do not know, I hope the mother and child rehabilitation." Source: Xinhua News Agency相关的主题文章: