Zhang Xinyu Yu Qingbin Gongmi married into other amazing drama (video)-tonya mitchell

Zhang Xinyu Yu Qingbin Gongmi married into other amazing drama Fu Hongxue feeling big secret Tencent entertainment news produced by the Beijing International Film and TV Limited by Share Ltd Feiyunjiang Oriental martial arts costume drama "new vagabondize" is hit, with the story coming to an end, conspiracy and hidden all completely solved the riddle, Ma Fangling (Zhang Xinyu ornaments) because of life and death and the practice by modeling again stunning to the audience, and leaf (Yu Qingbin ornaments) also finally know the original Ding Linglin (Gongmi ornaments) for their devotion to detoxify the truth, get grey (Wang Yitong ornaments) two blessing each other no secret lovers. The "new vagabondize" in only two sets not broadcast, scores of rivers and lakes complex gradually clear, Ma Fangling in flower clothing (Vincent Chiao ornaments) the instigation of mistaking Fu Hongxue (Zhu Yilong) is a man who in practice by death, but all just spend cold clothes to death after the conspiracy. Ma Fangling brainwashed her, almost become a flower worth killing tools. Ma Fangling sometimes sober, sometimes cold condition also makes Zhang Xinyu have to show acting space, unconscious disregard of all the eyes look and kill so many people amazing, netizens commented: "Zhang Xinyu comes with a strong dominance of the magnetic field, play the devil perfectly". But on the other side of Ding Linglin and the "mother-in-law" encounter, grey value women’s honor Baifeng found Ding Linglin has spent a virgin, in a pressed, Ding Linglin finally confesses the truth when opening the detoxification, the two people love each other each other is no secret, since the way to this group the audience brings the most happy CP finally has a happy ending. Produced by the Beijing Oriental International Film and television Limited by Share Ltd Feiyunjiang directed by Huang Zuquan, Wang Xiaohan, Wang Yin screenwriter, actor Zhu Yilong, Zhang Xinyu power and Yu Qingbin, Vincent Chiao, Zhang Jun Ning, Chai Wan, Gongmi, Qiu Xinzhi, Wang Yitong, Yang Jingru starring with ancient martial arts masterwork "new vagabondize" in Beijing satellite TV broadcast week theater broadcast next Monday 22:20 the grand finale.相关的主题文章: