Zhang Qiang aspiring Zhuhai Municipal Committee Wang Tianhong intends to nominate the president of M onavo protect

Zhang Qiang Wang Tianhong aspiring Zhuhai Municipal Committee intends to nominate Maoming attorney Dean of Nanfang Daily News (reporter Shen Wenjin Hu Liangguang Lin Qunxian) 18 reporter learned, agreed to by the Provincial Standing Committee meeting, vice mayor, City Public Security Bureau of Zhuhai City, Zhang Qiang aspiring Zhuhai Municipal Committee, from September 14, 2016 to September 21st before any publicity. Zhang Qiang, male, born in May 1966 (50 years old), Liaoning, Lingyuan. July 1989 to participate in the work of the party in July 1986, a postgraduate degree (Jilin University law professional, Chinese People’s Public Security University public security lands, doctor of law degree). Former deputy Zhuhai Procuratorate, deputy secretary of the Party (level), anti corruption Bureau, municipal public security bureau deputy director, deputy secretary of the Party committee, his current position in January 2012. In addition, Zhuhai city procuratorate deputy attorney general, deputy secretary of the Party (level), the anti corruption bureau director Wang Tianhong to be nominated as a candidate for the Maoming’s Procuratorate, from September 12, 2016 to September 19th before any publicity. Wang Tianhong, male, born in May 1962 (54 years old), Hubei xiantao. September 1978 to participate in the work of the party in December 1984, a postgraduate degree (Wuhan University, civil and commercial law major, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law undergraduate law), doctor of law. He served in the Zhuhai District of Xiangzhou City Court, city court vice president, his current position in July 2010.相关的主题文章: