Yang Shihao, director of the Mid Autumn Festival unannounced inspections five Avenue tourist area innawoods

Yang Shihao, director of the Mid Autumn Festival unannounced inspections five Avenue tourist area 2016 Mid Autumn Festival holiday on the first day, the strong festive atmosphere, scenic spots and surging poll, showing enthusiasm during the festival harmonious tourism atmosphere. City Tourism Bureau Director Yang Shihao led the tourism law enforcement brigade, at the five Avenue tourist area to conduct field unannounced inspections done in-depth understanding of the five Avenue tourism market order. During the visit, the Secretary Yang Shihao has come to the five Avenue tourist service center, the park plaza, sightseeing carriage center, regional tourism facilities construction and resettlement of scenic tourism order detailed understanding. From the scene, the park plaza many tourists, not only a lot of foreign tourists came to the five Avenue tourist area, there are a lot of people of the city’s family, the people in the park plaza leisure fitness, enjoy the scenery sightseeing carriage five avenue. The people in the park square, is hosting the "people park creative activities, a lot of people in the field of creative arts and crafts exhibition, attracted a lot of tourists. Secretary Yang Shihao also expressed great interest in the creative arts and crafts, craft of innovative ideas and artisan spirit to be sure, and buy a few books of this cultural pictures. The tour area visitors to participate in a higher degree, such as the park plaza, imported food supermarket and peripheral commercial catering shops, and underground tunnels and parking lot, Secretary Yang Shihao led law enforcement brigade conducted throughout the visit, tourists visit the scene to understand the safety and comfort of the law enforcement team of law enforcement officers, instructions and scenic spots to communicate constantly improve the service quality of scenic spots of Tianjin tourism started this beautiful name card.相关的主题文章: