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Xianyang high voltage line fire burned out "insulating porcelain gourd" hit a roadside car Chinese daily news (reporter Xue Wang) a high-voltage line of fire is burnt, a high voltage line falling head road, October 13th in the people’s livelihood happens on this breathtaking scene, but fortunately no casualties caused by. "Walking to hear" pa "1, looked back and saw the poles on fire." Yesterday morning at 8 am, Guo Guo people walk through the city of Xianyang Phoenix Road, a residential area, a high-pressure line on the side of the fire occurred, after the high voltage line was burned in the next 10 minutes, fell to the side of the road. At that time a lot of people from then on, a little attention may be electric shock." China Daily reporter rushed to the scene when the fire has been extinguished, the original frame pole in the high-voltage wire broken into two parts, one of which fall down, about seven or eight meters long, and the top of the ground contact point was black, has been around cones and other warning signs Weidang up, National Grid maintenance personnel have been rushed to the scene and don’t let people close to the crowd, and discuss the maintenance plan. "I thought I was shooting sparks." As with Mr Guo, in the next to the toll Master Zhang also heard "bang". Master Zhang said, he was cleaning the health of parking time, distance of fire poles is only three or four meters away, high-voltage sound instantly put pole insulation "porcelain gourd" crushed "porcelain gourd" will drop a car smashed at the left rear light poles of the. In the vicinity of the unit of work, Mr. Lu said, when he heard the noise after rushed out and found that the high voltage line of fire, ten minutes after the line is burnt, a head out on the road, "a cyclist is passing, almost hit on the." Mr. Lu said, after the incident, the new street office staff and the new road police station placed warning signs. State Grid Xianyang power company repair class, a staff member said, 13 on the morning of 8 pm, immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the masses, the cause of the fire is to verify the need to replace the cables, power outages, will result in the hair sections to Le Road residents electricity affected. However, it is expected to resume electricity after four or five hours. Note: video only for extended reading. Monitoring 3 workers moved to touch the high-voltage wire scaffold moment stiff fall to the ground twitch相关的主题文章: