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Xiamen more than 8 thousand auxiliary police uniform logo each auxiliary has a code? – Auxiliary Police armbands after unification. ? – Practice of auxiliary police badges? – common auxiliary police badges? Xiamen Net – Xiamen evening news (reporter Zhu Junbo Ventura) on Friday, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Transport on the playground, nearly 50 auxiliary police officers was officially awarded the auxiliary police badge number, their numbers are beginning with "X8", on behalf of Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau Public transport. Identification of the unity, marking the city’s management of auxiliary police officers rose to a new height. ? after a year of standardized operation, the city police of the city’s more than 8000 auxiliary police officers are done in the construction of standard management, training, recruitment, assessment, promotion, protection and supervision and other aspects of the system, each auxiliary police officers can be "accounts available". Why?? how many auxiliary all kinds of management, nobody knows? The City Public Security Bureau police detachment auxiliary anchored in the City Public Security Bureau of the Political Department of education and training. According to the person in charge, due to a variety of institutional mechanisms and other reasons, the auxiliary police team in our city there are number, name is not unified, the high turnover rate, team is not stable, these problems not only for auxiliary personal trouble, also bring trouble to the employer. "In the past is the employer according to their own needs, recruitment, do not look at the city so many auxiliary police, in fact, how many, who do not know." The responsible person said, after the early diagnostic, finally touch the auxiliary police officers discharged in our city a total of more than 8 thousand people this figure. Recruitment of auxiliary police standards are also different, some of the physical fitness test, some have not been publicized. What is more, some auxiliary police officers in a unit of poor performance after being dismissed, he soon found the home, and in the home even on a unit in the absolutely ignorant of the performance. In addition, due to the management of the employing units are not the same, some units are more strict management of auxiliary police, while others are relatively loose. The same goes for promotion. The new year of work, and the work of five years old auxiliary police, are flat, the treatment is the same." The official said, to a certain extent, to combat the enthusiasm of the excellent auxiliary police officers. How to identify?? from the start, each auxiliary has a unique code? From the beginning of this year, the Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a supplementary provisions, police personnel management level promotion rules, training rules and dress management rules and multiple files, this is my city police first systematic clear provisions of the auxiliary police officers made in all aspects. The city police will? This is more than 8000 auxiliary police officers are classified as special service, traffic management, public security and defense instrument sales in four categories, and each auxiliary police officers on duty allotment of the clothing, badges, armbands, badges, badges and other equipment. For example, chest card, before very confusing, there is no uniform format, but after the specification, each chest card corresponds to a person, more than 8 thousand people can be identified by the chest card." Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Political Department相关的主题文章: