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UnCategorized Any sailor, regardless of their experience, size of their sailing boat or whether they are doing it for racing or recreational purposes, needs to ensure that safety is always their first priority. While there are many pieces of safety equipment that is re.mended such as oars, ropes, torches, flares, fire extinguishers, marine radios, buckets, .passes, life jackets, buoyancy aids, Global positioning systems and beacons, one piece that is just as important but not often promoted is the sailing drysuit. What exactly is a drysuit and what role do they play in maintaining safety on these vessels? We are all familiar with the term wet suit. It is the object of clothing that keeps surfers warm whilst in the water. They are designed and manufactured in such a way to ensure that heat loss from the body to the water the person is immersed in occurs at a decreased rate. This is due to the captured gas within the fabric layer of the suit slowing the heat’s movement acting to insulate the body from the water next to the skin. A drysuit however does not allow any water to enter hence, while they do not really offer much insulation, they are much more effective in keeping the wearer dry. They are sealed off at the feet, hands and neck. Although they leave the feet, hands and face exposed when .bined with gloves, socks and face covering they can .pletely seal the body from any water entry during winter months. They are used where wet suits are not effective enough to prevent the negative affects of the extreme cold water temperatures below 15oC or being in water above 15oC for a length of time. It is this reason why sailors must wear them. It does not matter how experienced a sailor is when it .es to mother nature sometimes we are no match. In winter the water temperature drops. If one were to fall into the water at these temperatures, the body would not sustain normal functioning for long. Hypothermia would lead to a decrease in normal metabolism until death results. While the drysuits would only protect the body from the drop in temperature for a short period of time, it may be enough to stand a chance of survival. The suit also prevents water entry from wave spray that may be encountered during big swells. The suit has reflective strips placed on them so if one was to unfortunately fall overboard, they have more chance of being seen and rescued. The protective material placed on the knees allows the sailors to bend continuously when operating the ropes without hurting them. Drysuits .e in different grades according to the purpose for which they are intended. Sailing drysuits suit their function because they are made from material that allows the wearer’s skin to breathe reducing the un.fortable sweaty feeling over the course of the day. The only negative aspect to this suit is that they can actually be too effective in their job and they cannot be used in the hotter months or in warmer water. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: