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.puters-and-Technology If you planning to join the millions of people that are switching to electronic cigarettes, you might be interested to find out what you can find in a typical E-cig starter kit. The kit, which you can easily purchase at a cigarette store, contains all the items that you need to get started. You will find the E-cig starter kit very easy to use because of the instructions included in the kit. The simple set of procedure on how to get started will guide you on the correct usage of the electronic cigarette. When you purchase the smoking device at a cigarette store, you will find the following items that make up the entire kit. Here are more details about the things that make up the E-cig starter kit. 1. Electronic cigarette The electronic cigarette contains E juice, a type of liquid bottled up inside the smoking device. This E juice is the special .ponent of the cigarette, which makes it very different from tobacco cigarettes. The E juice contains the flavor and the strength of the cigarette. Because of the E juice, you do not suffer from the serious diseases .mon among tobacco cigarette smokers. 2. Refillable cartridge The E-cig starter kit uses a refillable cartridge that contains the E juice. When the cartridge is already empty, you can purchase one at a cigarette store. Any cigarette store sells a good quality refillable cartridge that you can purchase at a reasonable price. Typically, this cartridge costs only a few cents at a cigarette store. 3. Mobile charger Since the electronic cigarette uses batteries, the kit .es with a charger so you can always recharge the batteries when they run out of power. In fact, some brands of electronic cigarette kit .e with a car charger. Hence, you can easily have more hours of smoking even when you are in the car. This adds to the convenience in using the electronic cigarette – even when you are always on the go. Some brands of e cigarette offer a lifetime warranty for the rechargeable batteries. This feature is another item that most smokers look for in an electronic cigarette. With such feature, you can save a lot of money because you can always use the warranty in case the batteries fail to work properly. Thus, you can have bigger savings when the brand of cigarette .es with great features that make it worth your money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: