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Dating All men like to date beautiful and hot girls. But some men who desire to date hot girls end up in dating average girls. Only few men realize their goal of dating beautiful women. Why? I believe that there are some factors you need to consider when it comes to dating beautiful women. You need to know that hot and beautiful ladies get enough men almost everyday. Some beautiful ladies get to about 15-20 men wanting to date them. And there different methods that men use in attracting hot and beautiful women. Some men use their wealth to attract hot and beautiful ladies, but this does not last long because hot girls want more than that. That is why you see them hook with a man today and after some months their separated. Why? Because they dont like a boring life. They want a guy who can keep the fun going. A guy who can continuously arouse their interest, and show cares more than what they expected. To approach hot girls there are something you need to put into consideration. The first thing you always are conscious of is the way you look. Some people will tell you that the way you look does not matter. Its a lie, your physical look is very important if you want to notice by girls. There are lots of average guys that move around without being noticed. So, need to consciously care about your physical appearance. Take your bath regularly, at least bath three times a day because this will really help your skin. Use good body cream and good scent. You need to smell great in order to notice by people, but do not overdo it. If you have excessive weight, try to do some exercise and get rid of those unnecessary weight. Hot girls attract you because their look attractive, so you also must to what it takes to look attractive. Another thing I want to talk about is self believe. You need to believe in yourself in order to enjoy your relationship with hot girls. Your confidence level must be very high in order to keep the fun going. Look at her eyes when youre having conversation with her and let her know your plan for her. Hot ladies get attracted easily to real men, the once that shows the gut. To keep the fun going, you need to make yourself unpredictable. She will get bored with things she gets use to. So do something dynamic, like not calling at your normal time of calling, hanging out with your friends when she is expecting you. This will make her wants you more and she will start working on herself to keep you. Do you want to know to get hot girls now click here to pick one. And you can learn how to read women body language by reading Tao of badass . For more information on how to date hot and beautiful girls now, go to http://tinyurl.com/lqjcd5q 相关的主题文章: