What are the differences between the Chinese middle class and the American middle class plants war

Chinese middle and Middle America what different survey data show that as of 2015, the number of middle-class China reached 204 million people, according to "the economist" published in July 2016, this number has reached 225 million people. With the widening gap between the rich and the poor in the world, China’s middle class is rising rapidly, and has surpassed the United States as the world’s top in terms of quantity. As the world’s two largest economy, the United States and China’s middle class is how to live? What is the standard of Chinese middle class VS American middle class in China? Melting 360 small sums up ten big financial standards are as follows: 1, the monthly income of 45 thousand, the annual income of 500 thousand; 2, in addition to a stable income, but also millions of assets; 3, in addition to tickets also have houses and cars; 4, have a good education background or higher social status; 5, the pursuit of pay attention to health, exercise; 6, tourism, shopping and entertainment, a less; 7, not be the life quality; 8, morality, etiquette, quality; 9, have good taste in clothes; 10, pay attention to the pursuit of spirit. In the middle, the United States does not have a unique standard to determine the popular standard is: 1, if there is real estate owned; 2, if there are more than 2 vehicles; 3, children education: whether to choose a private school, to help children finish college; 4, pension and medical insurance; 5; 6, travel the holiday is also the middle, why Middle America do not need to worry? The pressure and anxiety of the middle class in China are mainly from four aspects: housing, children’s education, health care and pension. Survey data show that 24.2% of China’s middle class think their housing conditions are too poor to buy a better house, and another $31.6% in the middle of a strong sense of mortgage loans for home buyers. The other side of the ocean in the United States, the price is much cheaper than the domestic (according to the price and income of local residents), so the pressure to buy a house is much smaller than the domestic. More than 3/4 of China’s middle class has the burden of children’s education spending. In education costs, the American middle class is also a lot easier, from primary school to high school are free, in college, Americans often do not rely on savings to pay tuition fees, they rely on grants and loans. About 1/3 of China’s middle class feels the burden of health care. And the United States, the United States is more worried about the middle class medical treatment, the vast majority of companies are providing medical insurance, including those who are small companies, shops, etc.. In the days after the sake of half Chinese middle choice as much as possible savings in order to ensure they can have a higher quality of life after retirement, at the same time, Chinese people for the traditional custom of parents to their deaths. The middle class in the medical and educational expenses, not too at the same time, there is no menace from the rear, they bear the burden of the pension system, although the United States and Western Europe than there is a certain gap, but the vast majority of the elderly have their own social insurance, Medicare, the United States and many of the elderly more than and 70 years old still work. The anxiety of the middle class in China is not the cure for the anxiety of the Chinese middle class, but it is not a pure economic pressure. Middle class consultation相关的主题文章: