To all the world’s most intelligent and elegant girls

Dedicated to all intelligent elegant girl’s mind delicacy from Paris Senna River along the cobbled alleys turn down, a narrow, winding, can see a shop. Only the world’s most bizarre, the rarest, the most delicious, the most special, the most incredible food. Walked into the store, through the candle shadows, you can see a bunch of sausage, put a string of dried herbs, garlic and pepper, and chunks of bacon and cheese lined up. But these foods seem to live, seem to sigh gently in the cheese, sausage seems to gently dry voice singing. The center is open in a flashy restaurant named "scream pig", the restaurant owner Mr. fat, thought the actual cooking invincible, but people pour enough appetite. Mr Madelyn, the fat man’s niece, gets ready to travel every summer to work in the kitchen of the screaming pig. In a way out to buy ingredients, Madelyn met a slender white cat, and a way to store the grapefruit lady imperceptibly, buy a bottle of a strange combination of circumstances of deep green snake meat since then, everything becomes more and more bizarre. Taste the meat guests quietly chewing food, with eyes watching from afar, as if I had become a serpent, in the cold water in the parade. Mr. fat will have such a wonderful delicacy for himself, he personally took Madelyn to Mrs. grapefruit shops, of course, the real purpose is to inquire about this mysterious and tasty recipes. Madelyn is very talented in cooking, grapefruit lady under the guidance of accurate and simple, will soon be able to make incredible food. If you don’t think about your uncle’s plan, she feels happy every day. Behind the kitchen in the corner, there is a wrought iron staircase, through the basement, at the end of the corridor is a small door, behind the door is a wonderful delicacy production base? Will Mr. fat’s strategy succeed? Madelyn’s life will be so calm down? In the book "Paris delicacy hand-painted map" will tell you the answer, quickly follow the map to the snail Road No. 62, the mysterious lady entered grapefruit house a delicacy and see what it. The taste of food is created by you – your character, your dream, your smile, your tears.相关的主题文章: