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UnCategorized Janelle Barlow travels the world promoting ‘A .plaint is a Gift’, her new book, and teaching .panies how to change their perception of customer service as a necessary evil into an opportunity to strengthen a relationship. Now that every sale and every customer is precious, it seems even more important to heed her words. The following tips outline key concepts in understanding that unhappy customers give you insight into your next product/service or process enhancements and most importantly, allow you to demonstrate authenticity and devotion to your customer. Mistakes happen, but the business that can solve them with aplomb can have an even stronger relationship with a customer than a .pany that doesn’t seem to make mistakes at all. Of course customer service reps need the right materials, marching orders and, Barlow says, freedom to make the right decisions. Barlow’s experience with driving marketing programs offers the following points for arming your phone crew: -Before you decide on a new course of action, and consistently thereafter, ask for a round-up of .ments, .plaints and suggestions heard over the phone. Are your customers asking for a mid-level product? Is one product more prone to problems than the others? Are the first few days of using your product a painful learning curve? What small changes can you make to improve the use and adoption of your offering? -On the other hand, keep the .ments in proportion to your overall sales base. There’s a difference between seizing an opportunity, and up-ending your entire operation for a few whiners. -Review the phone script and its language, as well as the amount of freedom your staff has to make decisions to satisfy a customer. Rolling back a few dollars in fees can cement a customer’s loyalty. -Make sure that the phone staff knows about every advertisement, marketing program, new discount or sales plan. This seems simple but you’d be astounded at how many large and small .panies forget to tell the people on the phone about the new campaigns. Be sure the manager of the phone team is on the seed list of every email campaign, which can act as a fall-back alert system. -Get the phone staff email templates to fill in so they can follow-up a phone call with an email and make sure it contains an offer. Always ask for the money, as they say. -Provide phone staff with a variety of offers to make to prospective buyers. You never know what .bination of services or price point will make someone buy. -Not only equip the phone crew with all the marketing materials on your line, but give them language to use when they hit a question they don’t know. "Let me get you a specialist" sounds a lot better than "I don’t know" followed by awkward silence. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: