This golden week gold price so much Goldman come hunters! zngay

This golden week gold price so much? Goldman: come hunters! Two weeks, gold fell $100, especially on Tuesday fell more than 3.3%, the biggest one-day decline since December 2013. What is the cause of the collapse of precious metals prices? Goldman Sachs said that based on global economic growth is still facing a downward risk, while the market may still be questioning the ability of monetary policy to respond to any potential impact on the economy. Therefore, the price of gold fell below $1250 an ounce may be a strategic opportunity to buy. The liquidity reversal worry sources reflected in the international media uproar on. On the eve of gold plummeted on Tuesday, the international financial field "Bloomberg" and "Wall Street journal" reported that in March 2017, the European central bank or the QE purchase plan before the end of reduction, the size of the monthly purchase debt reduction of 10 billion euros; the European Central Bank to buy 80 billion yuan monthly European enterprises and government bonds, the bond buying rate may still be extended to March 2017. 4 on the same day, the United States, Grant autumn investment conference in, a lot of investment chiefs to join the discussion of this topic, but also to the issue of global interest rate environment seems to become clear and clear. Tiger Fund founder Julian Robertson made it clear that the expected rise in global interest rates gradually formed, the short bond market as a long-term certainty opportunities, and they have held positions. The world’s largest mutual fund PIMCO founder, "bond king" (Bill Gross) he also said in the media broke the European Central Bank may purchase the assets to reduce the end of QE news, shorten the duration of European bond holdings. In fact, after the G20 central bankers and finance ministers meeting in Chengdu, the global capital market there is speculation that there will be a unified action, mainly in structural reforms, fiscal policy force, monetary policy may be close to the limit. Global liquidity will soon reverse. The European central bank face the decisive sharp fluctuations in the price of gold is also a market reaction to this speculation. If global monetary easing comes to an end, then interest rates will rise slowly, the global bond bull market will end. In many people’s eyes, gold is a kind of interest free bonds, so the collapse is inevitable. However, on the 5 day, the European Central Bank said in a statement, the European Central Bank Management Committee has yet to discuss these issues. 6, 2009, the European Central Bank announced in September minutes of the meeting pointed out that the European Central Bank to maintain the possibility of further stimulus to boost inflation, if necessary, the ECB is willing to use all the tools. But the emphasis will still be on existing policies to give the current policy time to play a role. The ECB’s QE actually contracted it? Did not! According to JP Morgan asset management statistics data show that the UK back in Europe after joining the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan’s loose queue, the central bank’s quarterly asset purchase scale record highs. Although the Fed stopped QE in 2014, but ouying three central banks have not followed the stop, the four big central bank’s balance sheet has been as high as $13 trillion, accounted for 40% of the world GDP. Expected this year, the most.相关的主题文章: