The Yongle porcelain kiln factory people don’t see

The Yongle porcelain kiln factory people don’t see time: September 3, 2016 – October 10, 2016: sponsored by the Archaeological Research Institute, Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum of Xiamen city high temperature color glaze enamel refers to the incorporation of different metal oxides in the glaze colorant in porcelain embryo, the embryo in the roasting high temperature of 1250 degrees Celsius to 1320 degrees in the firing of different glaze porcelain. It is rich and colorful color, exquisite artifacts, other styles, bright luster dazzling, is a bright pearl in the history of ceramic The brightness dazzles the eyes. In addition to the blue and white porcelain varieties outside Yongle porcelain kiln Shaozao porcelain, high temperature has become the mainstream. A variety of red glaze, black glaze, glaze, glaze purple, color glaze, with rich colors and beautiful charming decorative effect. Yongle Yongle red glaze red glaze firing technology gradually mature, the red glaze thick as grease, Ying bright light, also known as "red", has always been a "permanent evaluation for most expensive red"! Dark red glaze vase carved dragon cloud bottle lip, beam neck, shoulder Feng, shallow hidden foot sliding bottom, fetal white and delicate. Full of Shi Shi white glaze, red glaze, the near bottom is green. Under glaze carved around the double angle for a five clawed dragon, the sea cliff Jiang Wen, epaulets, cloud pattern. Similar to other vase of the Yongle period has many kinds, such as underglaze red, blue and white dragon vase carved white dragon phoenix pattern vase, sweet glaze vase cone branch lotus lines etc.. The Yongle period vase very full abdomen, other modesty. Early vase for wine, called "the bottle" in the Song Dynasty, which originated in the Song Dynasty royal feast speaking system, "feast" is also called "the lecture". After that, the emperor to entertain you, when the wine is installed in such a bottle, so called "through the bottle". "This vase" is named after the late, with small mouth can only be inserted plum branches and its name, its function has gradually evolved into a display. Yongle red glaze bowl wide mouth, curved wall, deep belly, ring foot, inner and outer walls are red glaze, white glaze applied outsole. The mouth along with the foot red glaze shows the white green. Because of the strict requirements of the firing temperature and the furnace atmosphere, the red glaze is easy to produce the flow glaze, and the color is uneven. The red glaze is Yongle with copper as a colorant, hanging green glaze, kiln after high temperature reduction flame burning, burning is extremely difficult, therefore extremely valuable. Objects of the rim reflected white Taigu, because when firing, glaze layer in high temperature molten state natural vertical flow, resulting in the glaze layer becomes thinner, showing fetal color, this phenomenon is known as the "rush" bottom feet too, bottom foot Shi white glaze, yellow glaze thin places. Part of the red glaze porcelain light without grain, some dark lines. Yongle red glaze, pure color, change the past The brightness dazzles the eyes. red glaze, the red black or gray tone, which successfully fired red glaze, Xuande red glaze after production have a significant impact, Xuande red (Xian Hong) is the basis of the play. Yongle red glaze printing lines cover box folding skills Rio 10.3 cm high, 18.9 cm diameter, 14.5 cm diameter foot, unearthed in 2003 from the imperial kiln in Zhushan. Flat circular foot cover box by network相关的主题文章: