The tax rate is only 0.005% A text to understand how Apple tax avoidance in Europe $14 billion 600 m

The tax rate is only 0.005%? How to understand how Apple’s $14 billion 600 million tax evasion in Europe is how to avoid tax in Europe?   drawing: Zhang Zeyu (click here to see the big picture)   Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on August 31st, 2014, apple in the United States outside of every $1 million profit only paid $50 in taxes. In other words, the company’s tax rate is only 0.005%. This is how to achieve it? For decades, Apple has confirmed that most of its profits are from Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India through its Irish subsidiary. It’s nothing special, because other companies are doing the same. However, according to the agreement reached by the company in 1991 with the Irish government, they can distribute the profits to its Irish subsidiary and a paper only apple company. Apple by Irish subsidiary confirmed the profits according to the standard rate of Irish tax, but the total allocated to the profits of the company are exempt, because in accordance with the Irish law, which was regarded as a "stateless company". Guess where most of the profits go? In 2011, Apple International Sales Company (Apple Sales International) to achieve profits of 16 billion euros, the Irish subsidiary assigned to profit less than 50 million euros, the total residual scores were assigned to have tax exempt status "". This model is also in line with the Irish government’s plan. In order to attract large enterprises settled in the country, Ireland will set the corporate tax rate of 12.5%, the lowest level in europe. Apple, Google, Facebook, eBay and Twitter have set up European headquarters in ireland. European tax rates (pictures from the guardian) of these companies also created many jobs. Apple hired 6000 people in Ireland, many of them worked in corcaigh iMac factory – this was the southern Ireland a poor city. Apple said it was the largest private employer in the region. EU countries can set their own tax rates, but EU officials said that this model of Ireland provides apple with a huge financial advantage, constitute an illegal state subsidies. Apple does not want to pay the tax, although the $14 billion 600 million profit plus interest generated taxes, the proportion of its $231 billion in cash accounted for only 5%. Ireland does not like the EU’s ruling, which is a violation of the country’s sovereignty. They said that Apple has to pay the taxes should be paid. (Ding Hong)相关的主题文章: