The six influence of Trump’s victory on China-ddrtys

Trump wins the election of China’s six major impact on the afternoon of November 9th Beijing time, the U.S. presidential election results announced, Trump in the electoral votes have been significantly ahead of the president of the United States, the basic lock elected president of the United States of America, the president of the United States, the United States, the president of the United States in the election of the president of the United States, the u.s.. The results of parliamentary elections held at the same time will continue to show the Republican control of the house and senate. Trump yesterday although U.S. ambassador Baucus has been sent to China reassurance: "no matter which presidential candidate won the election, will not affect the relationship between the two countries." But the effect is certainly there, out of the side of Trump came to power in six major influence on Chinese: 1, to Chinese commodity tariffs, increase the China downtown pressure on the economy in the past the Trump campaign speech, frequently Tucao China. He has repeatedly accused the Chinese manipulation of the RMB exchange rate, make more competitive in the global market China export products, and said Chinese on trade issues to "kill" the United States; he has said that if elected to Chinese imports to tax levy 45%; he served in the Republican debates the meeting said: "I will allow the jobs back from Chinese…… I’ll get my job back, and I’ll start to get them back very quickly. "He would even use" rape "to describe the US trade deficit with china. According to CNN, Trump said at a campaign rally in Indiana on the Sino US trade gap, said: "we can not continue to let China rape our country. They (China) do it now." In the current Sino US trade, the United States is China’s second largest trading partner, while China has overtaken Canada to become the largest trading partner of the United states. But China has a large amount of foreign exchange reserves and a huge trade surplus with the United states. Trump’s more protectionist trade policy will be a negative factor that will affect the stability and development of Sino US trade relations in the future. When asked about the tariff on imported goods Chinese 45% on Trump’s proposal about, Baucus said, when the candidates elected, they will find a lot of things in the general election that is not so feasible for them so. Analysts believe that although the tariff of Trump Jon Fagafaga 45% (from China imports) policy in reality may not be able to be implemented, but it has a very clear signal: likely to impose punitive tariffs on imports of goods from a specific Chinese, for example in the textile, chemical industry, iron and steel and rubber goods etc.. As a result, China’s exports will be affected, the Sino US trade is likely to enter a period of "frozen". In the case of China’s economic slowdown, which is bound to increase the downward pressure on China’s economy. However, as the world’s most important trade partner, will benefit, fighting will hurt all, therefore, the possibility of Sino US trade war is not comprehensive, but the local trade war may erupt. 2, or increase the pressure in the devaluation of the RMB exchange rate, the United States will launch an attack on china. Trump has attacked the Chinese government to manipulate the yuan, greatly weakened the competitiveness of U.S. companies, U.S. companies are suffering from Chinese enterprises, the massacre". Therefore, unlike the previous Obama administration, the future of the U.S. government is likely to be included in the blacklist of currency manipulation countries, the implementation of the.相关的主题文章: