The Russian military will send the sentry robot can automatically protect the warheads to destroy th-boee

The Russian military will send the sentry robot can automatically protect the warheads to destroy the enemy – the Sohu Military Channel Reference News Network reported on November 12th: Russian media said that in California the kozelsk Kalou Missile Division successfully completed the new robot protection strategic rocket forces fixed facility test, which means it will start mass production soon. The high-tech robot sentry is expected to battle on the launch site of a well – based nuclear bomb. According to the "Russian newspaper" website reported on November 11th, in order to make these strictly confidential facilities against subversive and terrorist attacks, the designer equipped with photoelectric instrument, modern light weapons and grenades for the sentry robot system. The missile test in kozelsk division officer said, according to the robot operator command sector to within 400 meters of the fire. If the missile site is really attacked, no one can escape from this area. The high accuracy of the test robot has been verified in practice. Reported that the nuclear weapon is always the enemy’s number one target. All the world’s major powers are training special commando. The task of the missile corps is to discover and destroy these forces. Russian strategic rocket soldiers have been working on the resistance and terrorists. The defense system plays an important role in the training. Reporters from the strategic rocket forces headquarters was informed that, in order to protect the combat duty "poplar" and "all" mobile missile system in the patrol line, mobile robot came into being. It can detect, locate and destroy fixed or moving targets on the way, fire support to the troops, and protect the missile system and other important targets during the stay. This kind of robot equipped with optical and radar equipment can automatically or semi automatically aim, track and destroy the enemy. In addition, the equipment "all" missile systems division is equipped with a large number of the world the one and only "typhoon" -M tanks. It will be used in the automatic protection system of strategic rocket forces. On the basis of the armored vehicle, the typhoon is equipped with a navigation system, an anti radio control bomb, an infrared night vision instrument and a reconnaissance uav. The designer said that this sensitive chariot can be found within 5000 meters on foot and destroy enemy equipment, and terrorists within 3000 meters.相关的主题文章: