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Software The Norton Anti- Virus is the most widely sold antivirus in the market. The brand has maintained its lead by innovating continuously, and getting technologically advanced than the other antivirus. The features that are added with every upgrade are worth .mending, and this is the reason why this antivirus has successfully protected some of the latest gadgets against the latest spams. The newly launched Norton 360 V6 is the latest version of the popular Norton internet security, and is loaded with features which will properly protect your .puter from the viruses that are already present in the market, and also against those which will try and invade your system in the .ing years. Although many things have been changed, still the AV system is still the same. The backup it provides to your files, and the PC tune up facility that it has is quite helpful for your system. The parental controls that are added to this antivirus are the need of the hour, and are a must in every .puter. The features of the latest version The gadget addicts love their devices more than their lives, and they will love the enhanced security features of the Symantec antivirus 2013. The overhauled security system has a new management for both the Bandwidth and also the Norton system on the whole. This enables all the customers to download their latest antivirus software online in any of the gadgets and that too without any hassles. The download speed is very fast, and gets installed without the need of restarting your .puter, thereby not affecting your work also. The other useful features are the automatic backup, upgrades, tuneup, strong firewall, and anti phishing properties. In case of a sudden hardware crash, this antivirus also has a backup feature, where you can save your files in a CD, DVD, or USB. The user friendly interface The .pany has worked hard to make the Norton 360 V6 as user friendly as possible. The interface is so interactive that the customers will find it very easy to navigate to its different features. When the home screen is visited, the screen has four easy to use screens, which have large panels for solving different purposes. The different .ponents of your system that are protected by the antivirus are highlighted in green, so you can easily check the protection status of your .puter. The interface is so simple that you can easily change any setting by visiting the main screen, and do not need to look deep into your .puter to get the relevant files. The tile view of this antivirus goes down very well with the latest design of the Windows 8. The Symantec antivirus 2013 hails from the family of that antivirus family, which has protected many a .puters since time immemorial. The high quality product has built a huge customer base over the years, and is one of the best selling antivirus software. It has provided security to your .puter from all the sides, so that none of the malwares can enter your system. The screen of the software has also been made very user friendly, so that the customers find to very easy to use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: