The murderer also hit Wang Ziwen tenderness collision hormone entertainment Sohu whereisip

"The murderer" also hit Wang Ziwen Wang Ziwen entertainment Sohu – tenderness collision hormones as Yang Shuhua Wang Ziwen’s Sohu spoony woman entertainment news by Cao Baoping directed film "the murderer" is currently being aggressively in major theaters nationwide, absurd comedy elements about crime with kernel humor, compact multi story line let people viewing in feeling "dark" and "Thriller" I can laugh, many audience at. However, in such a strong flavor of male hormones in the film, Wang Ziwen plays the female character Yang Shuhua has become the "black" hunt trip a "bright spot". Wang Ziwen bloom in the film tenderness strong hormones, played by Wang Ziwen Yang Shuhua is the town of Yunnan hotel waiter, spoony love with the town’s gangster boyfriend Wang Youquan. Boyfriend restless so that Yang Shuhua was involved in the black pupil tour, which also makes itself full of dark and violent film appeared a little tenderness. Including Yang Shuhua, only two female characters in the film buffer sharp style in a certain extent, the king Yang Shuhua Youquan infatuated in the crime movies first plays a functional role in promoting the development of the plot, but also not deliberately embodies the "theme of love". Small town girl may be timid and cowardly, but when it shows another brave when she learned that the boyfriend may be a crime, in order to save her lover on the second song (Liu Ye ornaments) trace mention, in tears every day, even if the heart is full of fear but in the face of love still pretend what never happened, at last the ticket also personally send him away. He can not ask whether Wang Youquan murder, but she asked whether he loved her. Such a crazy female role to help the faint moved, Wang Ziwen bloom in strong hormones in the tenderness of the entire film became a stream. Su Yan dialect Qi battle Wang Ziwen won the users praise many viewers in the "Xing" is the concept of the movie have said there have been a surprise to Wang Ziwen, she not only the faded past beauty of city image, but also challenge the makeup and dialect appeared, the audience refer to Wang Ziwen makeup is also very nice "challenge" dialect is very down to earth". The prince of the text said in an interview, "my hometown is Sichuan, so speak the Sichuan dialect, for the interpretation of Yang Shuhua the Yunnan small town girl has certain language advantage, the director chose me to play this role in language is considered." For her performance in the film a few scenes of the performance of the audience also said it was very natural, red and swollen eyes look very sincere, harvest a lot of friends point praise. "The murderer" as Wang Ziwen also return to return to the screen after 3 years, although the play is not heavy, but a surprise breakthrough, remarkable performance. I expect she can show on the big screen fist, with more and better works more diverse themselves.   相关的主题文章: