The incoming cold drunk increase emergency room into a sober room jessica rabbit

Cold snap drunk into the emergency room more sober room with cold wave struck, drunk with the increase, the average daily central hospital emergency department treated four or five drunk, sober room into the emergency room". The 34 year old Mr. Zhou, who lives in Hankou Baibuting, has 10 years of age, even if no entertainment is three meals a day to drink. The day before yesterday at noon, Mr. Zhou and several friends out to dinner, I drank 32 liquor, until 4:30 in the afternoon, he suddenly feel abdominal discomfort, back home to rest a little after, even convulsions. Subsequently, his family sent him to the hospital after the lake district. The doctor found that he had an alcoholic liver. Further examination revealed that his previous symptoms were chronic alcoholism caused by chronic alcohol consumption, which led to alcoholic liver disease and alcoholic encephalopathy. The day before class, a 26 year old female white-collar Wei with a few friends to eat mutton Hot pot, she drank half a catty liquor, and with friends to drink two bottles of beer. The second day, Wei feel headache also nausea and vomiting, on the way to the hospital to Wei stumbled, his left foot sprain. In the emergency center hospital after the lake school district, Wei was diagnosed with acute alcohol poisoning. The hospital emergency department director Ai Fen said, if it is found that the first time to get drunk, drunk head cocked to the side, to prevent the vomiting; if there is vomiting, to clear the vomit inside the mouth, to prevent suffocation or pulmonary infection, and timely hospital.相关的主题文章: