The eighth section of this Hot pot Sept. 20 opening more than 60 name Hot pot invites you to

The eighth section of this Hot pot Sept. 20 opening more than 60 name Hot pot invites you to product delicacy today (October 9th), from the Municipal Commission of Commerce News, eighth Chinese (Chongqing) Hot pot delicacy Culture Festival will be held in North Road, Jin Yuan era shopping plaza to 23 days on October 20, 2016. The Hot pot festival will be the "spicy happy city festival" as the theme, then, 000 Hot pot feast, "robot meal, 3D Hot pot" and other special activities will be fully presented in this section Hot pot. According to the organizing committee, before the Hot pot Festival compared to a comprehensive upgrade, nearly 50 thousand square meters of exhibition area, gathered more than 60 brands, more than 300 Hot pot Hot pot food businesses, and nearly 1000 Chinese Hot pot industry chain large coffee, delicacy experts and cultural scholars, from the Hot pot personnel involved in the industry, is the largest in the history of the Hot pot industry event. It is reported that the Hot pot festival will be divided into online and offline two parts. Play games online: win free Hot pot can also 19 yuan a table of online activities has already begun in October 1st, will continue until October 23rd. Set 0 yuan: Hi Hot pot public participation in the WeChat interactive games that have a chance to win a free Hot pot eat welfare; 32% off of the winner: hundreds of stores in all 32% off Hot pot dishes; net of Chongqing’s most popular, the most distinctive Hot pot shop, online will stand by random preferential booking; Hot pot million people online booking banquet; 19 yuan. Table: a table to eat with others Hot pot, the lowest only 19 yuan. The public can recommend their favorite shop to hit Hot pot selection, the final selection of the most popular consumer brands Hot pot; in addition, the public can also recommend to eat, can eat Hot pot, about Hot pot culture of Master Hot pot Hot pot hit selection, the final selection of the 10 2016 Chongqing Master Hot pot etc.. Line: 3D robot to eat Hot pot Festival Service Hot pot line activities will last from October 20th to October 23rd. Including to carry out Internet opportunities and innovation development "as the theme of the global Hot pot industry Hot pot industry alliance summit, gathered around the country on behalf of Hot pot industry elite, to discuss the future of the industry development Hot pot. In the Jin Yuan era shopping plaza, the main venue, will hold the Guinness record 100 Hot pot boss material performance, the second national Hot pot seasoning division contest, disabled the frying game, 000 Hot pot feast, Hot pot Ingredients Exhibition, product exhibition, the characteristics of soil characteristics show delicacy and other special activities. The Hot pot festival as well as one of the highlights in the Grand View Garden, Hot pot people can experience the "robot meal, 3D Hot pot, laser imaging technology, intelligent Hot pot" feel convenient.

第八届火锅节本月20日开幕 60余家名火锅邀你品美食今日(10月9日),来自市商务委的消息,第八届中国(重庆)火锅美食文化节将于2016年10月20日至23日在北滨路金源时代购物广场举行。此次火锅节将以“麻辣happy 城市节日”为主题,届时,万人火锅宴、“机器人点餐、3D火锅”等特色活动将在本届火锅节悉数呈现。据组委会介绍,本次火锅节相较于之前进行了全面升级,近5万平方米的展出面积,集结60余家火锅品牌、300余家火锅食材商家,以及近1000名中国火锅产业链大咖、美食专家、文化学者、火锅从业人员参与,堪称史上最大规模的火锅行业盛会。据悉,此次火锅节还将分为线上和线下两个部分展开。线上:玩游戏赢免费火锅 还可19元拼桌线上活动从10月1日就已经开始,将持续到10月23日。设置有0元嗨火锅:市民参与微信互动游戏即有机会赢取免费吃火锅福利;6.8折全城通吃:百余家火锅门店菜品通通6.8折;网罗重庆最具人气、最有特色的火锅店,在线预订可享随机立减的优惠;火锅万人宴在线预订;19元拼桌:与他人拼桌吃火锅,最低只需19元 人。市民可以推荐自己喜爱的火锅店进行打榜评选,最终评选出最受消费者喜爱的火锅品牌;除此之外,市民还可以推荐爱吃火锅、能吃火锅、了解火锅文化的火锅达人进行打榜评选,最终评选出十大2016年重庆火锅达人等。线下:吃3D火锅 机器人来服务火锅节的线下活动将从10月20日持续到10月23日。包括开展以“火锅产业的互联网机遇与创新发展”为主题的全球火锅产业联盟峰会,云集全国各地火锅行业精英代表,共同探讨火锅产业未来的发展之道。在金源时代购物广场主会场,将举行基尼斯记录百名火锅老板炒料表演、第二届全国火锅调味师大赛、残疾人炒料比赛、万人火锅宴、火锅食材展、特色土特产展、特色美食展等特色活动。此次火锅节还有一大亮点,在火锅大观园市民可现场体验“机器人点餐、3D火锅、激光成像”等高科技,感受智能火锅带来的便捷。相关的主题文章: