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Writing-and-Speaking Content Management Systems or CMS have made it a lot easier to create, edit and publish content. These handy applications can keep your website organized and possibly reduce the costs associated with the website maintenance tasks. Your websites security is also enhanced by an efficient content management system. It does not matter if your website is about your business, your school or your .munity, CMS can handle all type of web content quite well. Todays Content Management systems .e with a lot of features. These features make your tasks easier. Within minutes, you can establish a website that is good enough to handle visitors from anywhere in the world. CMS portals are also always present to help you face any unexpected problems. Probably, the greatest strength of CMS is that you dont need to learn any web programming language. With just a few clicks, you can create the content for your website. Open Source Content Management Systems Listed below are some of the most popular Open Source Content Management Systems. Your choice would depend on your websites needs, nature of the site and the type of content etc. These CMS systems are readily available on their respective official websites. Joomla! A lot of people herald Joomla! as the top open source CMS in the world. In fact, a majority of website developers and .panies use Joomla! for creating and managing websites, web portals and online magazines. The power of this CMS lies in the tons of features that it offers. With Joomla!, you get numerous free Plugins, templates, .ponents and modules that can help you fully customize your website. You might need some time to grasp this tool initially, but as you get experienced, you will be able to experiment with it easily. You can use Joomla for creating e.merce sites, news sites, resource sharing sites etc. Moreover, Joomla! lets you create and maintain your site for a very little cost. WordPress Ask any blogger about WordPress and they would answer what it is right away. But actually WordPress is far from being a simple blogging platform. It is one of the most powerful CMS with tons of features and customization options. You will be surprised to know that this platform provides a framework for more than 15 million websites on the internet. WordPress is a suitable tool for non-technical people as it provides built-in applications for link management, blog management, content syndication etc. The interface of this application is quite user friendly and the easy navigation allows for quick and hassle free content creation and management. Drupal Drupal allows you to create web pages of any magnitude in a simple and efficient manner. While it does not offer design customizations like Joomla!, it offers a slew of great feature like extra modules for search-engine optimized URLs, news aggregator, discussion widgets and an integrated search option. Drupals power lies in the fact that you can use numerous plugins that can help you design a customized website. However, nave users might find it a bit difficult to use for website design because of its heavy reliance on software extensions. Typo3 Enterprise websites and intranets developers often prefer Typo3 because of the customization options and scripting language. Beginners may want to install a basic Typo3 first and then expand it later using interfaces and modules. TypoScript allow webmasters to edit templates which are the building blocks for Typo3. Typo3 seems a little inactive these days and need some attention to rejuvenate its power. e107 The easy building of intranet sites or .munity portals is the strength of this CMS. It also features a forum system already integrated into it as well as a special file-based caching system. Because of its .plex hierarchy, settings and content creation, this tool might be slightly difficult to understand for inexperienced users. However, it gives a neat platform to build .munity driven sites. The right selection of a CMS tool is very important for a successful website. Your website will be able to ac.plish its goals if you choose a suitable CMS tool along with a .petent hosting provider. Analyze your requirements properly before using a CMS tool for your content management. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: