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The Bayi team has participated in the seventh Zhuhai airshow to prepare 3 sets of program data figure: Bayi aerobatic team f -10 aircraft for driving the audience wonderful performances at Zhuhai, Air Force Captain Cao Zhenzhong accepted the Nanfang Daily reporter interview, dialogue on this show a new bright spot, usually how to pilot training and other issues. Nanfang Daily: This is the air force several times in the Zhuhai air show? Cao Zhenzhong: is the seventh time to the Zhuhai air show, in which 4 is driving after the facelift domestic fighters -10 aircraft unveiled. Nanfang Daily: in the airshow, China air force of female pilots with the formation of a performance. What is their usual training? Cao Zhenzhong: the first time, our female pilots mainly in driving transport, considering that women hold up half the sky, then let them take part in driving fighters in the ranks, the female pilots are mainly distributed in our demonstration team. As for the training difficulty and intensity of female pilots, it should be said that the basic and male pilots. For example, the difficulty of training, mainly on the lower limb strength and endurance training, but the difficulty is not to drop, the need to cultivate the same sense of security. The only difference may lie in the intensity of training, such as the men’s team to fly 5 times a day, women may fly one day or 4 of the 3. Nanfang Daily: what are the highlights of this exhibition? Cao Zhenzhong: we are in accordance with the weather conditions in Zhuhai and the characteristics of the terrain, the appropriate adjustments, prepared a total of 3 sets of flight performance program, the more than and 20 sets of flight performances. For example, the scheme of "six down flowering" action increase, this action when we used to fly fighters -7 also played in different f -10 "six down flower", is a fan of the flight display, this is the pursuit of international performance rules and interlinked. In addition, we show the direction of motion has adjusted, before all of our actions are parallel to the runway, now for the best performance results show some movement, when the aircraft has an angle of 60 degrees or 90 degrees with the runway, to be more powerful in the audience look like this.相关的主题文章: