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Hardware The T1281 ink cartridge is the probably most used ink cartridges of the four in the multipack T1285 . As it is the black ink cartridge this is the one that will usually run out first and the one that can prove to be the best value when you search on-line for a good deal! The T1281 ink cartridge is available to buy either as an original Epson ink cartridge or as a .patible ink cartridge. The official ink volume for the original Epson cartridge is 5.9ml of black ink. The .patible T1281 ink cartridge, however, has 13ml of black ink, thats over 100% extra ink! How is this possible? Well, the original ink cartridges are not filled to capacity whereas the .patible T1281 is filled to the top and straight away is better value by miles. Because you will always use more of the T1281 ink than any other colour, it is always a good idea to have some spare ink cartridges in reserve. A clever way to do this without it costing you any more money is to do your research on-line with a supplier who will give you a free T1281 ink cartridge , yes, I did say free ink cartridge. The online suppliers of ink cartridges nowadays are so keen to get your business and make you a repeat customer that they will offer you great deals to get you to buy their T1281 ink cartridge. Of course these suppliers will not want you to buy one ink cartridge but will rather hope that you will go for a multipack deal, the larger the better. This is good business for us too as we all benefit from the deal. The supplier sells more ink cartridges and we get to grab the offer of a free T1281 ink cartridge. The multipack deals will usually be the full set of ink cartridges that includes the T1281, the multipack code for this is T1285. This consists of the four ink cartridges; black, cyan, magenta and yellow. There are very often offers that will give a free T1281 ink cartridge if a full set is bought or even two free black ink cartridges if two or more sets are bought. Don’t forget, this on-line supplier really wants your repeat business and will put out these great offers hoping that you will .e back time and time again. The .patible T1281 ink cartridge not only .es with over 100% more ink than the original Epson cartridge but can be obtained free as part of a multipack or bundle deal on-line. Take the time to search through the suppliers that Google brings up when you first do you search. Don’t just pick the first supplier you find, also try and see if there is a money back guarantee on the ink cartridges, it may sound unlikely that you would get that promise a swell as a free T1281 ink cartridge , but the truth of the matter is that a money back guarantee should .e as standard! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: