Suicide attacks in the Iraqi capital caused 4 dead and 18 injured-xpphone

The Iraqi capital Dutch act attacks caused 4 Dead 18 injured – Beijing September Xinhua news agency Xinhua (reporter Liu Wanli) 25 in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital Baghdad occurred on the morning of 25 Dutch act bombing attacks, killing at least 4 people were killed and 18 injured. An unnamed Iraqi police told Xinhua that the explosion occurred in a Shiite neighborhood in western Baghdad sent a large number of people are, at the time near a school to hold religious activities, one of the attackers detonated his explosives in the crowd, causing heavy casualties. No organization has announced the creation of the attack. Extremist organization Islamic state often attacked Shiite people in Iraq, in an attempt to provoke conflict between Shiite and Sunni, hinder the military operations of Iraqi government forces. The Iraqi government forces have deployed a large number of troops besieged Islamic state occupied the city of Mosul. According to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq, the violence and terrorist attacks in Iraq in August 2016 killed at least 691 people were killed and 1016 injured.相关的主题文章: