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Arts-and-Entertainment The Strand Tower Hotel welcomes renowned Cape Town artist, Richard Scott as a permanent guest in the Executive Lounge. Located in the hub of Cape Towns CBD on the corner of Strand and Loop Streets, the Strand Tower Hotel consists of 242 beautiful rooms and offers all guests 4 Star accommodation and conference facilities, perfect for business and leisure travelers. The Executive Lounge is located on the third floor of the Strand Tower Hotel and provides an elite setting for the more discerning traveler. The lounge offers an exclusive location for guests to relax in a beautifully maintained environment. The lounge features unique artworks by Richard Scott, giving the room a modern and striking appeal. Three of Scotts pieces in the lounge are The Red Tree, Me, Myself and I and Three Yellow Tulips. Born in 1968, Richard Scott was never really interested in art until his last year of school when his art teacher Mr. Fuel taught him a new style of art. Mr. Fuel is the main person responsible for Scotts growing passion for art. Scott made art his full time profession after he sold his equity in his web design and host Internet business called Internet Online, to his business partner in 2001. In 2002 Scott sold his first painting, Two Trees in a Field of Sky for R300 at his first group exhibition in Hout Bay, and bought it back in December 2008 for a whopping R30, 000. Since 2002 Scott has showcased his work at 100 local and international exhibitions, and sold 2403 paintings. One night at a mutual friends birthday party, Scott was introduced to art collector Carl Smyth who immediately fell in love with Scotts work. Smyth started collecting his artwork in 2006 and became his largest collector in 2010. Smyth is now Scotts principal dealer. According to Scott, he paints his thoughts on to his canvas in the most simple, colourful and pure way. Scotts Neo-Pop artwork is distinguished by clearly defined, thick black lines; flat bold colours and pure white subjects. In his paintings he illustrates how pure life is. This can be seen in all of his paintings which include My Neighbours Cat, Car Series and my personal favourite, Only Me. This talented artist gets his inspiration for his unique artwork from his family, the sea, helping other artists and hearing people say: I wish I could do that. His subject matter consists of women, cats, trees, lighthouses and cars and he can paint up to five paintings per day. Impressive hey? Scott designs coffee cups, espresso cups, cappuccino cups and breakfast sets as well. To see some of Scotts exclusive artwork, visit the Executive Lounge at the Strand Tower Hotel in Cape Town. You can also sip a cappuccino or coffee from one of the original cups or coffee mugs used in the lounge. About the Author: To see some of Scotts exclusive artwork, visit the Executive Lounge at the Strand Tower Hotel in Cape Town located in the hub of Cape Towns CBD on the corner of bustling Strand and Loop Streets. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: