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Star Trek creator to see what " " runaway children; the male strength declined Spock eyebrows – entertainment channel — as 2016 of the world’s top science fiction film making, "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" was released 4 days, harvest two hundred million at the box office, worthy of the most anticipated movie of the famous September. China premiere, director Lin Yibin, screenwriter and starring Simon? Peggy, starring Chris Pyne, Zachary Quinto?? and Zoe Saldana? "Guest group to see what" runaway children, chat backstage. Unexpectedly, Spock’s Zachary Quinto? Was very dislike for her signature eyebrows. Spock is one of the "Star Trek" original TV hero, American TV series "Big Bang" in the Indoorsman characters were his senior fans, especially the same is set as a lone genius, loner Sheldon, mentioned several times in the play, sign and imitate Spock words and actions. Zachary Quinto? In the "Star Trek" trilogy became the second Spock of the play. The image of this character is set up with the head of the mushroom and the eyebrow. Flying eyebrows not easily won in order to play Spock, Zachary Quinto?, eyebrows shaved after the half, the former half and half stick after eyebrow eyebrow eyebrows to fly effect. He exposes for excessive upstage eyebrows, a start is rejected, but because of too much Spock this role, so reluctantly sacrifice eyebrows. Restart the new movie version of "Star Trek" that the main actor spent nearly ten years of time, as a way of his comrades, Zachary Quinto doubt Zoe Saldana?? for cell regeneration, because from the first start until now, almost ten years later, Zoe but haven’t changed a bit old. Zoe said, the first time I saw Zachary think he is a yoga master, can use one hand to support the body, and then enter the state of meditation. You also remember captain Chris and Zoe, filming together, which hit Chris’s face. As a great IP fifty years of milepost screenwriter Simon introduced, humor is the traditional Star Trek, so in the writing of "Star Trek 3" script, under the premise of ensuring the logical plot, can be funny than when they try to tease than, "such as Bones and Spock scenes on very funny." Director Lin Yibin said that the film "Star Trek" is the 3 most happy to cooperate with Simon, from the first day of shooting, the work to the final completion of the entire team, go all out. "My dream is to make a film, with the enthusiastic people, very happy." For more details, please pay attention to the whole network every Saturday to update the "runaway" see what piece of the third quarter and see what the official micro-blog patch @ runaway and WeChat public number (baozoukspr). (commissioning editor Wu Yaxiong and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: