Small meat 2 to join the Pacific Rim partner Tian Jing ca4111

Small meat "2" to join the Pacific Rim partner Tian Jing Levi · Meaden this week announced to join the new lineup: new actress Kylie · Spini Tian Jing Scott · Eastwood Sina entertainment news September 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, the Hollywood sequel "Pacific 2" (Pacific Rim 2) to increase the actor the lineup, or young people: "murder" "aftermath" blonde brother Levi · Meaden (Levi Meaden) to join, will play "wild and intractable cadet Ilya", see the name as the Russian group. Think of a wild and intractable kangaroo son, but he should have not come back…… "Pacific 2" recently announced increases more than actor: new actress Kylie · Spini (Cailee Spaeny), Scott · Eastwood, Tian Jing, together with the previous set of actor John · Poyega. This is no longer a producer, director Gilmore · Del · Toro had promised there will be the first actor back, but there is no news of what the old cast, only before actor Charlie · Hunnam said that he did not play, but a new woman, Kikuchi Rinko seems to have little possibility to return, at least is not the main character at the beginning of this year, after all she was pregnant, and the film will be in November Australia shooting, also take Chinese in Qingdao Wanda film base. (West) (commissioning editor: Camus)相关的主题文章: