Skilled Worker Category Under Quebec Immigration

QUEBEC PROVINCE NOMINATION PROGRAM SKILLED WORKER CATEGORY This is a great opportunity to file the applications for Immigration to Canada for those who are not qualifying under Federal Skilled Worker category. Quebecs Skilled Worker program operates under a selection grid of criteria used to determine whether an applicant would be able to successfully settle and work in the province. Points are assigned to applicants and their spouses, if applicable, according to their level and field of education, work experience, age, previous experience in Quebec and language ability. In order to be eligible to apply for immigration as a Quebec Skilled Worker, a pass mark of 50 points for single applicants and 57 points for applicants with accompanying spouses must be met. The process and qualifying grids are very complex. Look at the list attached. If you have clients under these occupations we can file their application under Quebec Nominee Program. Following are the broad gist of the program : 1.The current time taken for Quebec Acceptance Letter is 4-8 months for Priority and 12-15 months for non-priority cases. The acceptance by Quebec means the issuance of Certificate of Selection by Quebec (CSQ). 2.Once this letter is obtained, then we have to apply to the Federal office for immigration papers. The Federal portion will take additional 4-5 months. There is never a refusal from Federal if the Quebec has issued the QAL, except if there is a security or medical issue. 3.We will take care of the complete process. The total time taken approx. 11-18 months. 4.If the Quebec Acceptance Letter is declined, then we have the option of appealing the decision. Which we shall do if required. 5.The Quebec Application fees are non-refundable. 6.The fees are as follows : Principal applicant CA$395/- Each dependant CA$152/- 7.The Quebec application fees are on top of the normal Federal application and landing fees. (i.e $550 + $490) 8.The landing in Canada will have to be done in Quebec Region only. The major city is Montreal. One of the nicest cities in the world. However, after landing they are free to move anywhere in Canada without restrictions. Requirement for Qualification to apply under QPNP : Associates will have to verify the list below and check if the principal applicant has Graduated or Mastered in one the list field. 1.The applicant should be minimum Graduate with three years of University or three year of Diploma after the 12th grade. To get sufficient points MASTERS are preferred. 2.The applicant should have the relevant experience which matches the field of study. 3.The age of Principal Applicant should not be more than 35 years (if more than 35, will lose points) 4.The age of spouse should not be more than 35 years (if more than 35, will lose points) 5.The spouse of the principal applicant should also be a graduate 6.The principal applicant should be proficient in any one language FRENCH OR ENGLISH 7.IMPORTANT TO NOTE : In order to get enough points to qualify and to satisfy the visa officer on your true intentions to settle in Quebec, we insist that client completes DELF A2 level from Alliance Francaise, available in all countries and in major cities. Knowledge of French will also provide the interviewing officer to give full Adaptability points. Thus, the knowledge of French becomes a mandatory factor. 8.The spouse of the Applicant should also be reasonably good in English or French, even though we do not require the proof. 9.If the applicant is good in English, we do not need the IELTS. The IELTS results will have to be submitted only of the visa officers demand. 10.We need the details on children – Number of Children, their ages. Very Important : The work experience should be related to the educational qualifications. Note : There are two stages to Quebec Immigration Process. The first stage is selection by the Quebec Immigration Department. They issue the CSQ (Certificate of Selection by Quebec ). The second stage is to apply with the federal department for the visa. We have to fill both the sets of application forms at the same time. All the supporting documents are required in the initial stage itself. Below is the point system, selection grid. There are three parameters, and the candidate will have to qualify under all of them, viz. Employability, Preliminary and Total. The points are different for single and family. Q & A Q – I WANT TO KNOW THE MINIMUM EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT FOR QPNP Ans = Minimum work requirement is 1 year full time. But the points allotted will be lesser in one year and maximum in 5 years. Q Is French Language Necessary for Principal Applicant ? Ans = Yes, it is mandatory to know French. However, the knowledge of French is limited to Speaking and Listening only. The points depend on the level of French knowledge. 2-6 points for Beginners 7-12 points for Medium 13-16 points for Proficient Q Will the interview be in French? Ans = A choice will be given to the client to choose their language for interview. However, the main purpose of the interview is to check your speaking and understanding ability of French. Q – ARE FULL TIME GRADUATION IS MANDATORY TO APPLY OR PART TIME/CORRESSPONDANCE EDUCATION CAN WORK. Ans = Full time is essential. Quebec is very strict in foreign education requirements compared to Federal. Q – Is there any point system for this program or just need to full fill criteria? If yes than how points are awarded? Ans = The points system are multi-parameters and very complex. It is too detailed for me to explain the mathematics. We use complex software to accurately calculate the points, which is based on many variables. Q – Minimum English requirement in terms of IELTS result ? Ans = English knowledge should be proficient. At least 6.5 average. Q – What is the chance for single person to be qualify? Ans = Single person may qualify, if Masters educated, a tleast 2-3 years of relevant work experience and proficient English and French at DELF A2 level.. Q – Limited time.. No any final date of ending program. Ans = As any other program, the rules might change anytime depending on inflow of applications. So take advantage while the program is still there. They might remove the occupations from the list. Below is the link which of education which will attract points under the Area of Training in QPNP. Those mentioned YES under Priority Treatment will get more points and the file will be treated under priority. For more information, please visit : About the Author: Mr. Ravi Iyer is the President and Chief Consultant of Universal Immigration. Permanent Worker Quebec Immigration is one of the more friendly and rational immigration program in Canada. Universal Immigration is the registered business name of Universal Resettlement and Career Solutions Inc., a federally registered corporation in Canada. At Universal Immigration Article Published On: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: