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Sichuan network anchor pseudo charity sequela: Vest anchor powder – Sohu news in Butuo county and Xiang Bo Jue for the village, has had to anchor Ji fire day feet, and let her take two hundred or three hundred yuan to 20 yuan only after making a video and a jacket. This picture surging reporter Wang Xintu for a year to earn 5000 dollars in the red hare, suddenly got the "thousands of well wishers money; however," good Samaritan "video, and put the money away. Red son felt Hale first through the summer, went to the winter. This kind of person is a number of popular network anchor. I heard from the "good people" to send money to joy, "meaning" people put money away by to wait for "good" but not to despair, aware of being cheated, angry, these change radically feeling, some villagers in Sichuan Province Red hare sub Liangshan Butuo County Dajuecun, in just two days, all experience again. In October this year, a number of network anchors came to the village, recorded video sent to the villagers money. The video after the shooting, the anchor will be all the money back to the villagers, only handing out towels soap and other toiletries as hard money". Why do these network anchors to the charity? The impact of deception on the local villagers? In recent days, surging news () into the village, was found for fear of being cheated again, some local villagers have been wary of strangers to strangers, unwilling to face the camera. Some villagers bluntly, they do not welcome liar. The surging news that, as one of the alleged fraud, part of someone’s anchor "vest" re registered account to suck powder. Nine Dajuecun King Township in Butuo county. The reduction of network anchor money through Liangshan Butuo County Township Village red nine Dajuecun Hale sub memories, more than a month ago, 1 men dressed in white T-shirt middle-aged Yi men and 4 foreign men drove a van to the village. At that time, a red oat and most of the villagers are Hale sub fields. He heard someone shouting: "Yi villagers, baby, come here and give you candy, give you eat ham sausage, milk, pencil, give you what. Old mother, come here, a pair of trousers, a dress for you to wear, money to you." Red son Hale along the direction of the sound ran over to see a man wearing a black vest is made of some egg, candy and ham sausage for village children. Red son Hale stood and other villagers laughed and said: "there is another man." Villagers, the reason to hear things very happy, because last year and the year before, there are people who have to love the field to the village to distribute clothes and daily necessities. Subsequently, the villagers were taken to the black man in front of a wall in the village. Red son fifteen Hale six clothing more dilapidated villagers were selected and the black man, indicating lower black man in two rows, children and women squatting in front of all the men standing at the back. After the platoon, the man let the Yi man told the villagers, will be sent to their money, the villagers must take the money in the hand, not into the pocket, or not to send anything..相关的主题文章: