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Certification-Tests The ICBB Test IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (ICBB) is a professional who is proficient in the Lean Six Sigma Methodology who leads improvement projects in a full-time role. A certified Six Sigma Black Belt has in-depth understanding of all the aspects within the phase of D-M-A-I-C. They have the knowledge to use standard principles of Lean and to perform and interpret 6 Sigma black belt tools. Exam info: The IASSC PDF Guides Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (ICBB) Exam is a 4 hours 150 questions proctored exam based on multiple choices questions from each section of the ILSSBOK for Black Belts. And minimum passing score is 105 out of a total score of 150 (70%). Who Should Attend? Managers who are interested in .mencing a Six Sigma program for their organization or have an interest in Six Sigma methodologies should attend this exam. The test material is designed for this audience and thus they should attend this certification. Requirements: To achieve the professional title of IASSC Certified Black Belt from the International Association for Six Sigma ICBB Certifications, a candidate must sit for this exam and attain a required minimum score of 580 points out of a total score of 750 points. No pre-requisites are required to sit for the IASSC Certification Exam. ICBB Exam outline: Questions for ICBB Exams are designed in a manner that they analyze an individuals knowledge regarding five different phases. First phase to be tested is defining phase in which basics, meaning, general history, improvements, and deliverables, solution strategy, roles, and responsibilities, fundamentals, critical to Quality Characteristics (CTQs), Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ), selection, building case, development projects, lean enterprise, and waste elements of Lean Six Sigma projects. The second phase is related to measurement. ICBB Questions are asked about its definition, causes, effects, mapping processes, SIPOC, diagram of X-Y, FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis), statistics basics, statistics description, normality, normal distribution, analysis of graphs, precision for measurement system analysis, accuracy, bias, stability, reproducibility, variability, gage repeatability, attributable MSA, stability concepts, analysis of capability, and monitoring techniques. Third phase deals with the analysis in which questions are asked regarding variation pattern, distribution classes, statistics of inference, use of samples, technique sampling, theorem limit, testing hypothesis, general concepts, practical and statistical significance, alpha risk, beta risk, hypothesis types, t-tests samples, variance samples, sign sample, chi-square and testing of normal and non-normal data. Second last phases is the improvement phase in which individual is asked about linear regression, analysis of multiple regressions, confidence intervals, prediction intervals, methods of experiments, mathematical models of linear, designs of fractional factorial experiments and confounding effects. Last phases to be tested is the control phase which deals with the control of lean, SPC, and control of plans for Six Sigma. ICBB Preparation: An individual can search for IASSC accredited providers list to find a training provider which fit your requirements. These trainers prepare you in such a way that you will possess adequate knowledge to pass the IASSC certification exam with high grades. Furthermore, ICBB Study Material in PDF form, sample question and ICBB Practice Tests are also available online from multiple sources which could be of great help. Benefits: After ac.plishing the ICBB E-Books IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, professionals will receive a certification from the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. Professionals will also get a digital badge which can be used on public profiles such as LinkedIn. This badge will also be displayed in IASSC members profile automatically. Lastly, professionals will be able to use the designation ICBB, IASSC Certified Black Belt or any officially authorized alternatives of these designations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: