She is for the queen, stunning debut 20 years time, the harvest of a male god pppd-175

She is for the queen, stunning debut 20 years time, the harvest of a male God (Shang Dandan) Tencent entertainment Zhuangao 2016.11.13, Joe’s sister debut 20 anniversary of FM held in Seoul 30% hole. See this news, the president can not help but sigh: live long ah! Joe sister if really opened the FM, the picture does not dare to think ah!!! She did not even participate in a variety of the house sister, actually will open FM, and the powerful Word Joe sister, but Joe sister will play with some fans tired? Good. Period. Stay… Suddenly, Wuli Mei Qiao debut 20 years, since the "Autumn in My Heart" know you, "full house" a rare winter you get out of hand, "the wind blows", and "the sun" is on your descendants after love it! Over the past 20 years, you do not blame who, who do not laugh, who do not envy. The sun is bright, the wind and rain run. Dream your own dreams and go your own way. 20 years of Song Hye Kyo fan meeting Eom Hongsig staged a wonderful surprise to help Song Joong Ki "sanjialian" Song Hye Kyo in 1996 for modelling trials emerge, then show more than a popular drama, but she lay line actress status, since his debut, in 2005 to celebrate the debut tenth years to do a fan meeting, other time rarely organized activities. This year, she entered the entertainment industry for twentieth years, for which she was specially selected in the day of the 13, since the debut of the largest fan meeting. And Song Hye Kyo cooperation with the drama of the sun’s descendants, as well as its circle of friends in the circle of friends, also appeared as a guest of the president, Eom Hongsig, Song Zhongji. Fanmeet, Song Joong Ki in an all black style, help Joe sister fan meeting, let the fans surprise. Come there with him at the scene of Song Joong Ki Eom Hongsig, and Eom Hongsig Mora to decide who gets to sit in Joe’s sister side, finally the CP or sit together. You can ignore the process, the first mora chaeKi Obama lost… And when the host asked Ahito, and Joe want to play what kind of role, Ahito said: I support the song and song CP, so I can’t say. Ha ha ha! We understand your sub kernel obama! The atmosphere is a climax. When it comes to drink, Joe’s sister said: when Xiao song together is to drink liquor, and then stand together to drink champagne. Joe sister you so straight white really good ~ ~ the scene of the queen mother CP also sang "the sun’s descendant" theme song "Always", let us all the time to return to the chase drama. "The sun descended" after the launch of two people were reported in the news. But after such rumors came out, the two sides brokers and both sides said the matter was false, two people only close relatives and good friends. Song Hye Kyo had previously attended the European bar loyalty song fan meeting, and this Song Joong Ki and loyalty help Joe sister debut 20 anniversary, two people are really close relatives and good friends? This year, South Korea held 100 tours Art Awards, Song Joong Ki with Song Hye Kyo fit to walk the red carpet, and Song Joong Ki touched Song Hye Kyo waist, Song Hye Kyo hand hook arm Song Joong Ki. Take flower also don’t forget to hand in hand! In a talk show, the host asked: what do you think about the recent scandal with Song Hye Kyo?. Song Zhongji said: we enjoy. Enjoy the pleasure of… This is clearly a festival together相关的主题文章: