Shaanxi Museum of history and Italy committed to heritage conservation marie digby

Shaanxi Museum of history and Italy to cooperate in Shaanxi Heritage Museum and heritage conservation and restoration of Italy Institute of higher learning signed cooperation. Xu Mengjiao photo Beijing, Xi’an on 22 October, (reporter Tian Jin Intern Xu Mengjiao) the Shaanxi History Museum and Italy cultural relics protection and restoration of the Institute for advanced study in 22 days of formal cooperation, the two sides will strengthen cooperation in the field of protection of ancient murals and other artifacts, and deepen cultural exchanges. Party secretary of the Shaanxi Museum of history, Qiang Yue, Italy and China have worked together to protect the tomb of the Tang Dynasty Murals repair project, Tang tomb murals protection is a common theme of cooperation between the two sides. Cooperation in the field of mural protection will be of great significance for the protection of Chinese murals. Gisela, President of the Institute for cultural relics protection and restoration of Italy, ·, said that the hospital in the field of mural protection, such as rich experience in. The signing of cooperation will be carried out through the relevant repair, protection, prevention, research, as well as training and training of Chinese cultural relics protection personnel in the form of implementation, is committed to the protection and heritage of cultural relics in Shaanxi. Luo Wenli, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of cultural relics, said both sides are ancient civilizations, with the protection and inheritance of the heritage of traditional culture and advantages. The two sides also have long-term friendly relations in the field of cultural relics protection. The signing of cooperation, the two sides will cultivate cultural relics protection and repair personnel, but also to deepen scientific research and other cultural exchanges. Shaanxi Museum of history is China’s first large-scale modern national museum, more than 37 pieces of cultural relics collection, the time span of up to about one million years. Among them, the Tang Dynasty tomb murals collection due to the high level, the number of times, the integrity of the sequence of time by the widespread concern. At present, the collection of 640 paintings of the Tang Dynasty tomb, a number of first-class products to reach 108, is to study the history of the Tang Dynasty, art, religion and social customs and other precious material. (end)相关的主题文章: