See how unfaithful to husband do

See mother do see how unfaithful to husband do the letter: that unfaithful to husband mother derailed in half a year ago when I did not say what it just does not know, because my father was not too good, not stimulated by this, I have to hold in my heart. Later, I found that my father is also aware of the fact that my father and I said, your mother is now the phone does not leave the hand, I do not see her cell phone to see. I do not know, but also to comfort my father said that my father would like more. One day I was playing with my mother’s cell phone, I had a heart to see her mother’s cell phone, there is a number they often send text messages, text messages are ambiguous, my mother actually did not delete. And that guy was my dad. I was on fire, immediately questioned mother. At first I was a little excited, and then my mother and I had a good communication. My mother said she was also very hard, she and my dad has no feelings, with a person who has no feelings she is also very painful, but she will not leave my father, she will be good to my father. She also said that this is an adult thing, let me leave! My mother also let me forgive her, she said she slowly, slowly and the man off. I believe her. The second day in the evening, my father came back home, my mother on the father of all kinds of discontent, to speak to him what is very blunt. I was very angry. Why would you do this to my father? My father is a very honest and very broad minded people, father know that they have no ability to earn money, he felt ashamed of my mother and I, my mother often fierce so my dad, what will he say. That night I found my mother hiding in the bathroom and calling the man, and my father and I were at home. I heard immediately went to the bathroom and my mother grabbed the phone, I did not grab, I cried. My mom said he wouldn’t answer him. After I went back to the room, I texted her mother: "you shameless, you don’t take my dad seriously, I do not like you!" Mother also returned to me, probably meaning: "you have no conscience, mother is so good to you, you think about yourself. You don’t recognize me!" In fact, I also thought that my mother is really not easy, my father was sick to my mother to see him, my father is really good! Now do not know why? What should I do? Found her mother derailed how to do? Reply to users: know mother affair, you don’t understand why my mother to do so, want to father grievance, mother to listen to you, then you get caught up in fear and anxiety deeply, think dad very grievance, worried parents will divorce, you will lose the family to become the children of single parent families. Each child had a father or mother derailed are very afraid, will want to use their own way to stop, but often very hard with the people. The child is too weak, in the complex adult world simply cannot withstand a single blow. Instead of being scolded by my mother, I understand your fear and helplessness. Why mother derailed, detailed reasons I do not know the same as you. I want to tell you is, compared with men, women more than men on marriage, not of unwillingness, not a woman will put a good day past thinking are derailed derailed, because the marriage can not meet her needs not to seek outside marriage.相关的主题文章: