Sea breeze caused more than 50 people were trapped in the fire of -20 degrees cold rescue in

Downtown breeze caused more than 50 people trapped in the Xinjiang fire -20 C cold rescue 6 hours – the new network for fire rescue personnel to rescue trapped vehicles with rope. Li Jiangjiang photo Beijing, Urumqi, November 14, (Zhou Jicheng Ma Xin Li Jiangjiang) 14 am at 30 pm, Jimunai Xinjiang County, north of Aletai road to Jimunai road in downtown breeze blowing strong wind area, wind reached 8 to 9, visibility less than 5 meters, the vehicle was trapped. After receiving the alarm, Jimunai fire brigade immediately carry rescue equipment, dispatched 1 vehicles rushed to the scene to rescue 6 people. Affected by the cold air in Western Siberia, Xinjiang, Jimunai, the area has been even more than a few days of heavy snow. 14 am, after 30 minutes of hard driving, the fire brigade arrived at the scene and found that due to the "Nao Haifeng" effect, the way the thick snow, wind wind reached 8 to 9, trapped more than 10 cars parked in the snow waiting for rescue, about 50 people were trapped in the car. At this point, the fire brigade found the child and the old man on the car, the situation is critical, time is life, the temperature of minus more than and 20 degrees Celsius and more than 8 winds, fire officers and soldiers to carry out rescue operations. In the rescue process, due to the temperature is too low, the road is thick snow, snow covered with strong winds, the fire rescue work has brought great difficulties. The wind and snow hit in the face, blowing in the neck, the soldiers completely ignored, high pressure people breathless, but no one back, fire officers and soldiers with a spade a spade a spade to remove trapped vehicle tires around the snow, the hand push, traction, just a car trapped the vehicle rescue danger area. After nearly 6 hours of intense relief, all the trapped personnel and vehicles have been out of danger. Downtown breeze is a weather phenomenon of reflux winds and blowing snow, snow, also known as the "Nobel sea breeze", is Mongolian, meaning the dog barking. Xinjiang County, Jimunai, between the two mountains of the canyon, the winter wind through the canyon extrusion, wind suddenly increased, coupled with the Sayuki, easy to form a sea breeze".相关的主题文章: