Risk sentiment gold Senji swagger before others battle officially started diying

Risk sentiment " " gold; swagger before others battle officially started; Senji? FX168 news on Monday (February 22nd) at the beginning of the European market, spot gold fell, fell to $1206.40 an ounce, refresh intraday low, due to a stronger dollar and the stock market, but still support the above $1200 per ounce, due to financial market caution prompted investors to transfer funds to the gold fund. Since the end of the Lunar New Year holiday on Monday, the market has been dominated by China selling, that Chinese market is expected to price will not rise sharply, with China after new year’s demand will gradually weaken, can not expect Chinese factors to support the market. US dollar goes up against gold price. Last Friday, data showed that consumer prices rose faster in January, rising by nearly four and a half highs, supporting the dollar trend. In addition, Asian stock markets are also cautiously rising. Nevertheless, investors are still looking at the overall popularity of gold. Only last Friday, SPDR’s gold holdings increased by 19.33 tons to 732.96 tons, the highest in May 2015. The top eight gold ETF also showed similar inflow trends. Other data show that speculators also do more in the COMEX gold and options trading. Earlier this month, the price of gold climbed to a year high, as the stock market turmoil and investors worried about the global economy, but last week in the profits and the consolidation of the stock market hit the week down slightly. Gold has risen 15% this year, and is still one of the best performing assets. Investor optimism is very evident in the flow of funds: the world’s largest ETF –SPDR Gold Trust GLD on Friday, a single day capital inflows since the highest since August 2011. "ETF gold holdings increased to support gold prices rise at the same time, we see that some of the kinetic energy is TOCOM buying positions cut and recent Chinese selling offset," MKS Group trader Sam Laughlin said. (spot gold daily chart source: FX168 financial network) 16:30 Beijing time, spot gold reported $1207.37 ounce. Proof: go into Sina Finance shares

风险情绪"耀武扬威" 黄金千二保卫战正式打响?   FX168讯 周一(2月22日)欧市盘初,现货黄金走低,一度下跌至1206.40美元 盎司,刷新日内低位,因美元和股市走强,不过仍力撑在每盎司1200美元上方,缘于金融市场的谨慎情绪促使投资者将资金转入黄金基金。   自上周一结束农历新年假期之后,中国市场一直由卖盘主导,表明中国市场预期价格不会大幅上涨,随着中国新年后需求将逐渐减弱,不能指望中国因素支撑市场。   美元走升不利金价。上周五数据显示1月美国消费者物价上涨速度加快,升幅创下近四年半高位,支撑美元走势。此外亚洲股市也谨慎小升。   尽管如此,但投资者对黄金的人气依旧总体上看多。单单是上周五,SPDR的黄金持仓量就增加19.33吨至732.96吨,创下2015年5月来最高。前八大黄金ETF也呈现类似的流入趋势。另有数据显示,投机客也在COMEX期金和期权交易中做多。   本月稍早金价一度攀升至一年高点,因股市动荡和投资者担忧全球经济,但上周在获利了结和股市盘整的打击下周线小幅下跌。今年以来,黄金上涨15%,仍是表现最好的资产之一。   投资者的乐观情绪在资金流动中表现得非常明显:全球最大黄金上市交易基金(ETF)–SPDR Gold Trust GLD 上周五单日资金流入创2011年8月以来最高。   “ETF黄金持仓增加继续支撑金价走升,与此同时我们看到这其中的一部分买盘动能被TOCOM仓位削减和近期中国的卖盘所抵消,”MKS Group交易员Sam Laughlin说。   (现货黄金日线图 来源:FX168财经网)   北京时间16:30,现货黄金报1207.37美元 盎司。   校对: 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: