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Arts-and-Entertainment Ricky Kalmon-Top ‘All-In-One’ Entertainer Enlivens Corporate Events Renowned Motivational Speaker, TV Personality, and Stage Hypnotist Ricky Kalmon has performed at corporate events around the world for over two decades and is widely recognized for delivering a one-of-a-kind experience to his clients and attendees. New York, NY – Corporate events don’t have to be boring, forced formality occasions when there is an entertainer like Ricky Kalmon, the most sought after hypnotist in the country, at your service. Ricky Kalmon is a well-known motivational speaker and stage hypnotist who rose to fame as a TV personality with appearances on Disney Channel, Fox, FX, E, TV Guide and Comedy Central. He has performed at countless holiday parties and corporate events, receiving outstanding client and audience reviews. Each of Kalmon’s shows is a fun combination of high energy stage performance, top 40 music, comedy, and awe inspiring moments, and attendees are truly spellbound by his extraordinary skill. His shows exceed expectations at every level as he provides a ‘never seen before’ combination of comedy, motivational dialogue, and hypnosis, which makes him a hit among audiences and corporate executives alike. Unlike other entertainers who may provide a one-dimensional form of entertainment, either sticking to only comedy or serious motivational empowerment, which requires a formal atmosphere, Kalmon melds these two aspects together to offer wholesome entertainment and make every corporate event performance a night to remember. Riveting, hysterically funny, and everything in between, Ricky Kalmon delivers a top notch show that will change the way you live, work, and think. His motto, "Change the way you think, and you can change your world,” truly reflects the content of his motivational program. It’s a mind-altering and life-altering experience that has benefitted college students, sports stars, Fortune 500 companies, and audiences around the globe. Every time he performs, you can be sure to enjoy an evening that is high on energy and filled with family friendly, impressive stage acts. “Thank You, Ricky! Your program at our 4th Annual Leadership Summit was terrific. The attendees responses included, ‘amazing’, ‘great’, ‘inspiring’, and your program was perfectly aligned to our theme ‘The Future is in Our Hands’,” says Scott Pickett, CMO Goodman Networks. He is the founder and creator of Unlock the Power Within™ and The Subconscious Makeover,™ motivational empowerment programs which incorporate his inspirational message into each program. Kalmon is available for corporate events, television appearances, conferences, and conventions, as well as other special events. Learn more about Kalmon, his work. and his availability at .rickykalmon.com . #### LINKS: Website: ..rickykalmon.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/RickyKalmon Facebook: https://.facebook.com/rickykalmon YouTube: https://.youtube../watch?v=1kPYTz-oI84 About Ricky Kalmon: Ricky Kalmon is a stage hypnotist, motivational speaker and TV personality who has amazed audiences around the world. The most requested stage hypnotist for Corporate Entertainment and Special Events in the country, Kalmon redefines the art of hypnosis shows. Ricky Kalmon’s motivational programs are inspirational and offer .pelling, applicable tools anyone can use in personal and professional development. CONTACT: Kalmon Productions, LLC Email: [email protected] Phone: 770-442-8820 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: