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Book-Marketing Here are the primary reasons why not to self-publish; Reason number one: Not all bookstores will take your work seriously if you have not gone through one of the major publishing houses. They may assume that there are typos in your book if you’ve not used a major .pany to publish your book, grammatical errors, and just a .pletely unprofessional book. Reason number two: Royalties that major print houses retain are utilized in a good way, usually. Consider proofreading, editing, .munication costs, event scheduling, housing and packaging your books for shipment, marketing and sales. It is not always a good idea to self publish as this can get very expensive very fast. Reason number three: Due to lack of sales and marketing experience or lack of funds if not both, most self-publishers find that within one year of having published and gone through the headache of gaining access to the Library of Congress List, having obtained an ISBN, bar code, and so on that when all is said and done their books end up stacked in the garage. Reason number four: Without having the proper contacts and seemingly endless resources for getting the word out about your book or work, it can be a very tedious and lengthy process while attempting to get the word out. On the other hand, large print and publishing houses have plenty of contacts and resources for getting the word out for you. Reason number five: Last yet surely not least, a good reason not to self-publish is likely obvious such as not targeting the right demographics or missing the correct genre or category under which to list your work in the first place. Imagine that, missing the target audience yet having paid out funds that are literally wasted! There are many press and pr .panies that publish new authors such as Bainbridge Press and PR. That’s the .bination to look for, press as well as pr as it covers all the bases for a successful and affordable publishing project. Look for the next article about affordable print houses as many including myself will utilize one .pany to publish my first book very soon. I’ll keep you updated as to how the .pany performs and whether or not I would suggest them to a friend. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: