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The rectification of these units from   see how to respond to the Shaanxi provincial inspection teams feedback – Shaanxi channel — original title: how to respond to the rectification from the provincial inspection teams feedback these units in the first half of this year, the Shaanxi provincial inspection teams to 24 places and departments of the first round of special inspections, and at the end of June. To each unit party patrol the feedback of opinions. October 12th, the official website of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection announced the inspection of the 24 units of the party inspection tour. From the inspection feedback and rectification of the combing of the 24 can be found in the current round of inspections, inspection teams feedback highlights a lot, from the comprehensive strictly to the specific case of corruption clues are involved. More importantly, the requirements of various units and local discipline inspection and supervision institutions to further improve. So, the unit reported rectification is how to respond to the feedback of the inspection team? Feedback and clues for inspection teams, patrol units and how to deal with it? Strictly provincial inspection group of the Commission for Discipline Inspection in the inspection feedback system itself is particularly strict in view of managing party problems is put in the first place, and the inspection teams in the inspection process, especially strict discipline system. The provincial Commission of discipline inspection group pointed out that supervision responsibilities are not in place, re deployment, light implement, on the same level of supervision team members have fear of difficulty; the authorities and subordinate units of the party members and cadres lack of supervision, lax discipline to handle problems, lost in the soft; investigating the case number; handle letters the case is not standardized. To solve the problem, the provincial development and Reform Commission of discipline inspection group said that according to the authority, participate in or attend meetings and other meetings committee leadership of the "three major" etc.. The provincial Commission of discipline inspection group also formulated the "petition regulations" in accordance with the handling of cases, filing, prokaryotic, conversation letter consultation, taking 5 temporary storage and disposal requirements timely handling, to review procedures in accordance with the discipline clues timely treatment, clues of the petition or Kejiyixia cadres timely transfer, the whole process of the person responsible for further the standard case management. For the provincial SASAC, the SASAC inspection teams mentioned, the existence of leading cadres supervision enterprise reporting inadequate disposal of problems in investigating the case, supervision is not strong, the masses of complaints and reports of a turn to do more, and less. In the handling of complaint cases, the petition should be treated by the SASAC to whistleblower enterprise management, adverse consequences. In addition, the SASAC discipline inspection and supervision work to pay enough attention to the supervision of enterprises and some subordinate units of secretary of the long-term vacancy, some tens of thousands or tens of thousands of people in the group, the discipline inspection and supervision personnel equipped with too little, it is difficult to fulfill the functions of supervision also clearly dissatisfied. In response to the problem, the provincial SASAC said it would strictly in accordance with the cadre management authority, the provincial SASAC management cadres petition letters are directly verified by the Commission for Discipline inspection. The provincial SASAC Discipline Inspection Commission will also put forward the enterprise directly under the lack of Discipline Committee with candidate recommendations and report to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection vacancies, and require enterprises to strictly implement the professional discipline inspection and supervision personnel preparation of not less than 15% of the total number of the full-time staffing requirements)相关的主题文章: