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Prevent properly, old man can have good teeth, Health Channel – news background: September 1, 2016 morning, by the people’s Daily "healthy times" and the people’s daily, Retired Cadres Bureau, health support, Lenovo holding companies, Bebo dental group organized by the health care China? Oral health charity ceremony cum public line into the people’s daily Retired Cadres Bureau held ". The Central Organization Department Retired Cadres Bureau Director Wang Tiesheng, the people’s Daily "healthy times" editor Meng Xianli, Bebo dental group party secretary, Gao Demin, senior vice president and general manager of Bebo Dental Group North China Li issued, Bebo dental group Beijing branch vice president Cai Xinxin and other leaders attended the ceremony and speech, health times assistant editor Li Chenyu presided over the ceremony. Health care China? Start oral health charity ceremony people often say "old", as though this is a natural phenomenon of aging, many elderly people not to regard it as right. In fact, in the Department of Stomatology, the doctor, the relationship with the "old" is not big, the teeth are not "old" off, but because of dental problems, dental age and longevity can be as long. As long as the prevention of proper, old people can have good teeth. "Healthy times" editor in chief Meng Xianli said Bebo dental group vice president Gao Demin’s speech is the patron saint of health teeth tooth is health guardian, a person’s life to eat 70 tons of food, need teeth chewing and grinding teeth, the most difficult, but people often do not pay enough attention to the teeth." People’s Daily "healthy times" editor in chief Meng Xianli said in his speech, I hope you pay attention to teeth, through this activity suggests that dental care, dental treatment in a timely manner. Oral health related to general health, the event aims to lead the old leadership, old comrades of the importance of oral health." Bebo group vice president Gao Demin said, Bebo group will provide good medical quality and medical service, good service to the old leadership, old comrades, good service to everyone, let everyone laugh more confident. Dental care should be timely and meticulous, in recent years, periodontitis caused by the lack of teeth accounted for the first place, which is mainly periodontal maintenance done enough. Effective brushing, regular inspection and cleaning, can effectively prevent periodontal disease and prevent it from further development." Beijing flagship store in the metropolitan hospital Bebo oral outpatient Dean Shi Shaozhong to attend the meeting to remind, missing teeth must be timely filling, some people age, that lack some of the teeth is a normal thing, do not bother a, this is not correct. Dental care should be like the rest of our body, starting with the details of the day. Brush your teeth every morning and evening, brushing time not less than two minutes. Try to choose the best fur toothbrush, prepare two toothbrushes used alternately, can prevent the growth of bacteria. In addition, red teeth is the most effective method to remove residual teeth, gargle with the meal is far less than the oral irrigator. In addition, every six months or a year to do oral examination. An important sign of periodontal disease is the bite of food such as apples, steamed bread, or bleeding gums when brushing, early detection and treatment. Free oral examination car on-site oral examination oral health public welfare line相关的主题文章: