President Xi Asian comment II promoting Cambodia will be in perfect sympathy with each other’s good -borderland

President Xi Asian "comment II: promoting Cambodia will be in perfect sympathy with each other’s good friend and good partner – View – in October, King Sihamoni of Kampuchea should be invited, President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to Kampuchea. President Xi met with king Sihamoni, visiting queen Dowager Monile, held talks with Prime Minister Hong Sen and witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation documents. This visit to further consolidate and develop bilateral traditional friendship, open a new era of all-round strategic partnership and growth. President Xi’s visit is a journey of cooperation, promote bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership to a new level. The two countries signed more than and 30 cooperation documents to further enhance the level of cooperation in various fields. Access to great role in promoting the economic cooperation and trade in The Belt and Road "under the framework, and the" The Belt and Road "initiative and Kampuchea vigorously promote the national development of" four corner "strategy to" seamless joint "for the benefit of the two peoples. President Xi’s visit is a "journey of friendship", have milepost significance in the history of friendly exchanges in cambodia. Visit Cambodia to further deepen political mutual trust, promote special Cambodia friendship, promote bilateral mutual trust generation to do good friends and good partners, the bound together in a common cause in perfect sympathy with each other the fate of the community, and establish a new model of national equality, sincere cooperation for the international community. (Department of Economic Research of the world China Institute of contemporary international relations comic author Chi Ying (Zhang Maorong) Juntao commissioning editor: Liu)相关的主题文章: