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President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: the world "the power" only the power savings original title: Chinese President Bai Chunli warned: No "new fashion" the world is only the power savings Beijing News News (reporter Sha Lu) the morning of August 31st, Academy of Sciences at the University of Chinese (referred to as HKUST) held 2016 freshmen opening ceremony. Dean of Academy of Sciences Academician, Chinese USTC honorary president Bai Chunli in his speech to the 2016 freshmen, there is no so-called "the force of the world" and "ten party artifact", some just keep the power savings and annual pay sweat. Bai Chunli said in his speech, I hope the students can be in a calm mood in the quiet campus, to your teachers for example, prepare each lesson, be familiar with every professional skills, thinking every problems, days and months multiplying persevere. Bai Chunli also wrote, I hope every new era to firmly establish the spirit of play, "to have bigger ambitions and the pursuit of higher value, the individual’s ideal requirements closely together with the development of the times." This year, a total of 6373 doctoral students, 8110 graduate students, a total of 398 undergraduate students and 478 foreign students. National Science and Technology University is currently 1059 undergraduate students, graduate students in the school of science and technology, including a master’s degree in 22296, doctoral students of the 23383, the number of Chinese graduate students in the largest number of colleges and universities in. Shandong college entrance examination Sun Hao, a representative of the freshmen on behalf of the University, he referred to his choice of schools in the face of doubt: the national science and technology university did not have a glorious history of undergraduate training, how to ensure that there is a bright future? Sun Hao admitted that he had considered giving up HKUST, when a student sent a text message to me, saying that I was the only person he knew to dream. I think at the beginning of the country HKUST trust, I hope to write in the bright future." Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: