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Motorcycles Getting an online motorcycle insurance quote is very convenient, but the online motorcycle quote that you get may not be accurate. You may be in for a surprise if you dont carefully check the information that you send in for the quote, and check the information you receive when you are given a quote. Start with the information that you are supplying on the form. If you omit any information, or if you get any information wrong, the quote that you receive will not be accurate. You need to remember that this is just a quote. You are not applying for the insurance, and by supplying wrong information, or omitting information, you wont be doing yourself any favors. You cannot fool the insurance companies. Omitting information will not get you a lower rate, because when you actually apply for the insurance, the insurance company will get a copy of your driving record, and possibly a copy of your credit report as well. They may require pictures of the motorcycle, or they may require you to bring the motorcycle to an agency for inspection. If youve omitted any information whether it was on purpose or on accident the insurance company will find out during the application process. Most online quote sites dont allow for discount information. In other words, if you are eligible for specific discounts, you wont see those discounts when the comparisons are done. You will need to contact the insurance companies for a more accurate quote that includes your discounts. After you get your online motorcycle insurance quote, call the insurance companies for a more accurate quote, and apply for the insurance over the telephone if possible, as opposed to applying online. This way you can be sure that you are getting the most accurate quote possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: