Ningbo 1 woman home wallpaper posted 1 years covered with black bug is willing to pay 5000 yuan smoo

Ningbo 1 woman home wallpaper posted 1 years covered with black bug is willing to pay 5000 yuan smooth wall store (reporter   Ye Mengming) Beilun Ms. Chen family posted more than a year of wallpaper, a lot of climbing above even dense black bug, in November 22 Japanese newspaper made a detailed report on the matter. In the newspapers after second days, reporters from Ms. Chen here that eventually agreed to pay 5000 dollars to the store, and tore up the smooth wall wallpaper. Last April, Ms. Chen bought some wood to wallpaper wallpaper from the living museum Beilun Mount Huangshan Road, put the wallpaper airing after a period of time, probably in August last year. In the first half of this year, Ms. Chen found that the wall appeared a little mildew, because the spots with the color of the wallpaper is very close, it is not easy to find, she did not care too much. In October this year, mildew increased, by November 4th, Ms. Chen suddenly found the living room wallpaper actually had black bug, not only that, even the bedroom wallpaper also has such a bug. In the meantime, Ms. Chen also use alcohol to disinfect the room, and use the vacuum cleaner to suck insects. Ms. Chen to find the merchant theory, the merchant said, this insect is crawling outside, the wallpaper itself does not exist quality problems. During this period, Ms. Chen is still in their own WeChat Tucao wallpaper mildewy case, the store that Ms. Chen did not identify the reasons of the situation, to upload WeChat, impact on their business in the store so that the relationship between the two sides immediately rigid, stores also suggest that Ms. Chen take the legal channels to resolve the matter. Ms. Chen said, had moved to a new home is a happy thing, but she has to get home wallpaper finally find media Shishuwunai scorched by the flames. In November 22nd, the report appeared again in Beilun, the mediation of the local industrial and commercial department, the matter was finally resolved. Yesterday, Ms. Chen told reporters, after the association staff again mediation, both sides made a step to wood wallpaper shop to compensate 5000 yuan of money to Ms. Chen, at the same time, to tear up the wood wallpaper shop is responsible for Ms. Chen’s wallpaper, restore white walls, things finally settled. However, in the south of the air humidity is big, the wallpaper is relatively easy to mildew, so the wallpaper, or have a test on the wall, if found that the wall is not very dry, then don’t wallpaper. If the family has posted a wallpaper, like a rainy day, when the air humidity, it is best not to open the window, when the weather is more ventilation. If the wallpaper is moldy, it must be cleaned up in time.相关的主题文章: