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National Day is equivalent to the movie box office insurance? – Culture – People’s original title: fixed file is equal to the national film box office insurance? The movie golden week, has become one of the options for people’s leisure and entertainment, this is the holiday movie box office. However, in more and more Tucao sound quality, some mishap has become the National Archives movie box office "poison", the film market need a supply side reform. "The dying routine, ten years’ old Terrier ‘, awkward bursting point…… This is a movie to my viewing experience." Nanchang audience Li Liang said. He is not alone in this experience. "The plot without any support, like a group of actors in the film from first to last about filling the awkward and boring." User Omiear on a social networking site, such as comments. "The box office data reflect the quality of the film is gradually being the audience." Li Fanzhuo, an assistant professor at the Xiamen University who has studied the film for many years, said that the quality of domestic films is not the case. Li Fanzhuo said that this year the national archives to several movies as an example, some movies use MTV like picture collage shooting style, as in the past to architecture can’t be a good story, even the soundtrack are basically copied before their own film director; although some movies are "first Chinese effects" gimmick but it is still lacking spiritual connotation, the story driving force is weak, the use of the camera. Acting, the current popular "little meat" flowers "there is still much room for improvement. "They claim to want to polish acting, but many people even basic expression lines do not cross the border, with stiff face complete play movie." Li Fanzhuo said that such actors shoot out of the film, the audience can imagine the feelings. In recent years, the Chinese film market has maintained a rapid development trend. But the rapid growth of the film market momentum has slowed this year. The State Press and publication administration data show that in April this year, the national box office of 3 billion 115 million yuan, down 24.2%; in May, the national box office 3 billion 138 million yuan, down 1.6%. And several important movie schedule, such as summer and autumn files, data than previous decline. A large number of "quick money, hot money to hit into, Chinese film as the nature of financial products continue to improve, resulting in" bad ", the box office decline." Li Fanzhuo said, in order to quickly return the value and profit, investors and producers will generally choose "IP + meat" fast mode on the market, instead of fine polished script. Many directors and actors have no time to improve and improve the professional skills. At the same time, the relevant industry believes that this year, the shadow of the city’s decline in the performance of the electricity supplier subsidies canceled, movie tickets are more expensive to have a certain relationship. But this is not the main reason, the key is to supply the movie "suck". Ali pictures vice president Xu Yuanxiang said, to maintain the rapid growth of the film at the box office, but also should fundamentally enhance the domestic film industry’s overall quality and production standards, with the market forced the film industry to improve the quality of the creative planning, product design, visual effects, new technology development and utilization etc.. Nanchang, a theater sales manager, told reporters that this year’s National Day movie is not to let the concept of相关的主题文章: