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Travel-and-Leisure Switzerland is an amazingly picturesque country with its stunning lakes, magnificent Swiss Alps, charming towns and sophisticated cities. With such a number of scenic surroundings, its not difficult to understand why a Switzerland honeymoon package is one of the most sought after romantic travel packages in the world. Read on to know the most romantic destinations you should visit during such a package: Geneva: The beautiful city of Geneva is located close to the French border around the picturesque Lake Geneva. Its beautiful environs make it the perfect setting for romance and intimacy. Visit the iconic Jet deau fountain and the majestic Chillon Castle that was built in the 13th century. From there you can enjoy some magnificent views of the beautiful Lake Geneva. Nothing is more romantic than sharing a passion with your life partner. And if that passion includes an interest in politics and international policies then a hand-in-hand guided tour of the UN is a great experience to have together during your Switzerland honeymoon package. Montreux: Nestled in the spectacular wine region of Switzerland, Montreux is a stunning destination. This town hosts the legendary Montreux Jazz Festival annually, which provides a great evening spent by the lake spent listening to some of the best jazz music in the world, played by local talents and international legends, as you take in the beauty of the night and spend some quality time with your partner. As it is in the wine region, a wine-tasting session is just about called for while here. Visit the Chateau Maison Blanche and try a night at an auberge along with a wine degustation. Bern: This charming Swiss city with its cobbled streets and medieval architecture is sure to enchant you. It is the capital of the country and home to the Swiss Parliament. There are a number of interesting places to visit here that make for a fun day sightseeing with your new husband or wife. Visit the Einstein Museum and the famous Munster Cathedral which has the highest spire in the country and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The view of the Bernese Alps and the rooftops of Old Town are unf.ettable and a great vista to be shared with your life partner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: