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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Joe Pogan is a talented artist who is from Oregon, where he currently lives in Aloha. He served in the Navy for four years, after which he went to college in order to study welding and art. He spent over twenty years working as a professional welder where he ended up being able to weld aluminum frame mountain bikes, a very precise and demanding job that not that many people are able to do well. For the last several years, Joe Pogan has used his expertise as a welder and his artistic talent to make incredible metal sculptures. He uses objects that he simply finds and turns them into art. The metal sculptures that Joe Pogan creates are of various animals. He uses any metal object he can find and prefers to use the strangest things he can find in order to make his metal sculptures more fascinating and interesting. He uses objects such as bolts, nuts, watches and sprockets, as well as a variety of other things, such as old spoons or a combination lock. His pieces are extremely intricate, and you could spend hours studying all the different angles and still discover something new about the piece two weeks later. How does he make these metal sculptures? First, he welds a frame into the general shape of the animal that he wants. Then he either brazes or welds the metal objects on, one at a time, in order to form the outer shell. After that, he uses a special technique of blending to make sure that the metal sculpture looks solid; this technique leaves no spaces between the metal objects, and allows him to use anything he wants to make the metal sculpture. It could take quite a long time to find every single piece that is in one of the sculptures that he makes, and thus these sculptures are great for those who love discovery. Some of his pieces he actually mounts on a base of hardwood, which he then finishes off with natural oil for a lasting, beautiful look. For those who want something more personal, Joe Pogan also does special orders of metal sculptures in which a person can hide their own personal belongings. Hell take whatever metal objects you send him such as military dog tags, tokens, or any other object that has meaning to you and place them into the metal sculpture that you order. If he cant for some reason, hell simply send it back to you along with your finished sculpture. There isnt much that he cant use! The unique metal sculptures that Joe Pogan makes are great for the environment, since these metal objects are not lying about in a landfill but instead are turned into amazing pieces of art. While each piece is easy to identify, the up-close detail is amazing, because every part of each sculpture is something different and unexpected. The uses he finds for metal pieces are amazing, and there is no end to the amount of creativity he brings to the art world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: