Jianye was losing 8 straight away Jia Xiuquan has revealed how to solve the problem-stand by me shinee

Jianye was losing 8 straight away Jia Xiuquan has revealed how to solve the problem of three sina sports sat off Yuexiu mountain Jia Xiuquan didn’t take to remember the last round of the super Jianye home court Luneng 2-1 victory over? A game that Jianye coach Jia Xiuquan’s half magical substitutions make the team final winner Luneng to win the victory, and the Zhengzhou Sea Road stadium called super devil home court also be not at all surprising so far this season 15 home court, Jianye scored 10 victories, this trend is for the qualification of the foot AFC Champions League trend, but the team is still in a mid table position, what is restricted in their way, the answer is very simple, that is the road record. The current position of Jianye this season in all competitions only won 3 games on the road, beat Yanbian and Dalian Lifan, a party is not the enemy, this and they are in the home court "cures against beat on Hong Kong, Suning, national security and other strong performance be quite different but with a home court, excellent record Jia Xiuquan often referred to in the relegation task no problem, but this season" Jianye underachievement record was more embarrassing, the team’s worst away record directly determine their impact AFC Champions League qualified hard this season in Jianye now ranking on Wuyuwuqiu, greatest expectations is once again raise their away record, strive to achieve a better ranking for this season. Jianye on a win on the road in mid May FA Cup against the Dalian side of the game, is now in the past 4 months, the team did not win a game, it is so far in all competitions suffered 8 straight away, the road had little negative relegation and Yongchang Yatai, Hong Kong, the League lost the FA Cup twice lost away 1-4 defeat to Su Ning, and sat off enemy Greentown, TEDA and R & F. 8 consecutive losing teams poor away record problems also have exposed thoroughly, for good at learning of Jia Xiuquan, in the future, how to improve the team away record is the biggest problem need to solve in the current jianye. (new body)相关的主题文章: