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IPhone 7 conference Mario to highlight the detailed Nintendo Nintendo legendary designer Miyamoto Shige on September 9th news, according to foreign media reports, because the iPhone 7 series of information before release almost completely exposed, so yesterday’s conference is slightly dull. However, on the legendary Nintendo designer Miyamoto Shige is one of the few bright spots in the small conference table, he announced that everyone’s childhood playmate super Mario will be landing iPhone. Miyamoto Shige is one of the hero Nintendo, in his hand, "King Kong", "super Mario" and "Zelda" has become a classic game. Now he has brought a new super Mario Run, in December this year, the game will be officially landed iPhone, then it will enter the Android platform. After tasting the sweetness of Pokemon GO, Nintendo began to embrace iPhone, but they were supposed to be here. Previously, in order to protect their own hardware platform, Nintendo would keep their own famous game IP, don’t let them into the mobile device, and the current unpopular "Pokemon GO" completely proved previously strategy mistakes. However, Nintendo also left a new super Mario Run has all the elements of the game should be owned by Mario, but it seems to lack what. The game is enough to attract new players on the iPhone, but not enough to replace the experience brought by the host. In an interview, Miyamoto Shige said: "over the past few years, we have been testing and exploration, trying to find out how to make a new game without playing the game of Mario players simply use this game. To this end, we designed a series of programs, in the end, not suitable for the host of the program is applied to the smart phone." Although Nintendo has started a "commitment" mobile platform, but Miyamoto Shige still hope the game player can come into contact with more depth, more challenging the Mario experience. This will lead to more users interested in our platform, which is the focus of our attention." No matter from which point of view, super Mario Run is the standard mobile games. It uses a vertical version of the display, adding Parkour elements, the main operation is the game player click on the screen to let Mario off, avoid obstacles, similar to other Parkour gameplay. However, with the latest addition to the 3D Touch technology, the user will be converted to the length of the screen by the length of the Mario jump momentum. Miyamoto Shige said that in the past few years, his design team found that the players involved in the test reflect, if you need to jump while running, then it is difficult to control Mario. So the idea is, how to make the game easier? So the team finally decided to let the player focus only on the jump." Mobile phone as the center is the main idea of Nintendo mobile version of the game, Pokemon GO, for example, GPS, camera and Google map with other platforms simply can not imagine. Therefore, Miyamoto Shige said: "similarly, Mario in the game, we also hope to create a simple game experience, and single hand manipulation, shorter game time elements such as will Mario bring more fun game player)相关的主题文章: