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Small Business Did you know that postage meters are highly useful for businesses that ship out mails regularly? Do you want to streamline your mailing system, improving its efficiency and speed? Are you perplexed by the huge array of sellers and postage meter features? Do you want to understand how to compare postage machines. If yes, then continue reading to find out how to pick the appropriate one for your business? A postage meter is a mailing machine for calculating the postage needed for packages and letters and printing it on them or on labels. These labels can can then be pasted on the packages that need to be shipped. As per federal regulations, you can only rent or lease postage meters but not purchase them. An authorized vendor would also ask you to open an account for postage and fund it. Then each time you print a label, the corresponding postage is deducted from your account. If you plan to utilize postage machines for bulk shipping of packages and letters, you will need to acquire a special permit. To compare postal meters, you need internet access, paper and pens along with optional office supply catalogs. Follow the steps listed below to identify suitable postage meter for small business: 1. Identify postage needs Think and jot down your specific requirements on a piece of paper. This would be the list of basic features you need to compare in different postage meters. It is essential to pick a meter that matches closely with your specific requirements, hence avoiding wasting money on unnecessary features. 2. Search online for meters and best pricing Check postal services web site or call your local post office to identify authorized dealers in your area. Next, evaluate and note down details of different meters offered along with their services and costs. Also evaluate different rental packages. Remember to consider the costs of accessories like ink and labels. 3. Read the fine print Shortlist meters that meet your requirements and meticulously read the fine print for warranties, guarantees, repair and maintenance plans, return policies, and service cancellation fees. Since federal regulations allow only authorized providers to service and repair meters, pay special attention to guarantees regarding the time taken for someone to come and service your meter. 4. Look through supply catalogs Go through office supply catalogs or check online and note down the cost of supplies like labels and ink. Keep these costs in mind while making a final decision. Also consider cost of periodic maintenance. 5. Compare different meters Once you have taken note of all desired features, services and costs and listed out a few different machines, compare them carefully for different criteria listed above to select the one that is the most suitable for your business. If you have any queries, call suppliers through the toll free numbers listed on their websites or product catalogs. Do not proceed until you are fully convinced that you have identified the best postage meter for your small business. If you select the right meter, you free yourself from mailing system worries for a few years to come and effectively reduce your mailing costs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: